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Difference Between Embassy and Consulate

flagsEmbassy and consulate refer to government representations in a foreign country. A country will have only one Embassy in another nation whereas it will have a number of consulates in various cities.

An embassy is the larger representation, but a consulate is only a smaller version of the embassy. Consulates in a sense can be called junior embassies. Embassies are permanent diplomatic missions generally located in a county’s capital. Consulates are located only in bigger cities and not in the capital city.

Countries establish Embassies in another nation only if it recognizes the sovereignty of that country. While Ambassadors, who are high-ranking diplomatic representatives of a country, represent the Embassy, Consuls represent the Consulates.

The Ambassadors are the spokesperson of their governments. Embassies have a broader role to play and they represent their government in another nation. Embassies mainly deal with political and diplomatic relations with the host nations. The Embassies also look after the welfare of citizens who are living in that country.

When Embassies deal with major diplomatic tasks, Consulates deal with minor diplomatic tasks. The number of Consulates depends on the requirement. The main task of Consulates is to foster trade and maintain commercial links between the two nations. Moreover, the Consulates handle issues relating to visas, passports and also handle tourists and expatriates.

The major role of the Consulate is promoting trade like helping companies in the host nation to invest in its country and vice versa. It also facilitates import and export between the two countries.

While Embassy is the diplomatic representation of a government in another nation, Consulate is the representation of public administration. Embassies exchange messages between its government and the host government. Consulates are only responsible for its own citizens who are traveling or living in the host nation.

The Embassies inform its government about all important social, political, military, economical and other events happening in the host nation. Whereas Consulates report about important deaths, births, marriages and other events to its government.

Embassies are also responsible for preparing treaties between the two nations and also in arranging official visits.

The consulates are also responsible for informing its citizens about all security issues. Consulates are also entrusted with the responsibility of looking after its citizens in case of detention or arrest.

Though both Embassies and Consulates represent its government in a foreign country, they have totally different responsibilities and different roles to play.

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  1. I don’t know what the difference is between a consul and a consul general but my dad was a Consul General in a consulate over seas for the US. Perhaps the consul is in smaller consulates…. ?
    thanks for your article.

  2. Thank you. That’s what I thought but now I know.

  3. Thank you for explaining the difference. The Embassy is recognized by both representative and host countries as the official ‘go-between’ two nations. Consulates help the citizens of the country it represents, within the host country. I believe the last sentence of your article sums it up best. I found this website on the third page of links, my usual sources of information providing little, or worse yet, incorrect, information. I will definitely use this website for future comparisons, as you have provided me with the kind of concise information I am looking for.

  4. Come on, website editors. You can do better than this:

    “Consulates in a sense can be called junior embassies.”
    -> Complete nonsense. Who in the diplomatic community would call a consulate a junior embassy?

    “Consulates are located only in bigger cities and not in the capital city.”
    -> There are many consulates in capital cities around the globe.

    “When Embassies deal with major diplomatic tasks, Consulates deal with minor diplomatic tasks”
    -> What is a minor diplomatic task? Look at the Vienna convention on consular relations for the tasks consulates undertake.

    These and other statements are cursory at best.

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  5. If I am in trouble in a foreign country do I need to contact an Embassy or a consulate?

  6. tnx for good explanation. ..

  7. I can’t find my friend of many years….73 years old….been 3 months since we have emailed each other…other friend here says he can’t email or phone him either….lost friend is carrol doug lowrey….lived in or around pattaya for about 8 years….us citizen in good standing….any help would be great

  8. Good but wish you would use more examples for clarification

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  10. I am confused with your explanation between the high commissioners, consulate and the ambassador’s so please explain further . Thanks.

  11. Well,i am clear but just that i want to know if the consulate of Monaco in La cote d’viore can issue visas a Ghanaian with it’s tourist visa.

  12. Very good article. Thank you for explaining.

    RE: “Embassies are permanent diplomatic missions generally located in a county‚Äôs capital.”

    Please correct this statement to say “country’s”.

  13. Sir,if a child was born in foreign country and Birth certificate is registered in consulate but the birth certificate have missed some word like middle name was ommmited in the Birth certificate, can it be rectified in his own country or only in the consulate which registered the Birth certificate, because according to your explanation consulate do the government works of its country which it belong, so it’s the same government, why the government of the country which is represented by the consulate cannot rectify the Birth certificate, if it’s part of the country government.


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