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Embassy vs. High Commission

An Embassy is a building where diplomats work or live in whereas a High Commission is an embassy of one British Commonwealth country to another country. A high commissioner is a person with various high ranked and special executive positions held by a commission of appointment. The ambassador is the head of the embassy, and it is the official representation in the capital. High commissioner is the head of High Commission. High Commission is simply an embassy and it is a diplomatic representation among British Commonwealth countries.

Embassies play an important part in foreign relations and thus, they serve as a contact between the host nation and the visiting nation as well. Countries can solve problems of politics and trades through embassies. On the other hand, a High Commission has a mission of Commonwealth government to another. The High Commission manages group of territories but is fully under the British and it is administered by a Governor. An Embassy deals with concerns like visa issuing and handling some issues of travelers abroad. The High commission deals with managing diplomatic relations with other nations.

An Embassy has three types of staff, they are: consular officers, political officers and economic officers. Furthermore, they are headed by an Ambassador. Supplemental information and support is provided to embassy by staff of other agencies. In the High commission, the governor and governor-general work in it. Hence, the High commissioner is the head of it. High commissioners and governors are under the control of Commissioner-General for particular regions.


1. An Embassy is a building where diplomats work or live while; a High Commission is an embassy of one British Commonwealth country to another.
2. The head of an Embassy is an ambassador while the head of the High Commission is a high commissioner.
3. An embassy plays an important role in foreign relations while the High Commission has a role in the Commonwealth Government to another government.
4. The High Commission deals with diplomatic issues while the Embassy deals with issues regarding visa issuance and concerns of travelers abroad.

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