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Difference Between Visa and Passport

visaPassport is a document which is used for personal identification during abroad travels. The significant difference between visa and passport is that Visa is an official permission which temporarily authorizes us to stay in a foreign country and the passport is a document that certifies our identity during our travels.

Passport is an official document issued by a national government. The purpose of the passport is to certify the identity and nationality of the owner of the passport. A passport contains the following personal data : name, sex, date of birth, and place of birth.

There are various types of passports, the mostly used types are :

  • Ordinary passport ‘“ the ordinary passport is also called tourist passport and it is issued to the citizens who are planning to travel abroad.
  • Official passport ‘“ official passport is also called service passports and it is issued to the government employees. The official passports are used for work related travels of the government employees.
  • Diplomatic passport ‘“ the diplomatic passports are issued for the consuls or diplomats for their work related travels. It is important to point out that diplomatic passports do not mean automatic diplomatic immunity. Also the owners of diplomatic passports have to obtain visas like every other citizens.
  • Temporary passport ‘“ temporary passports are also known as emergency passports and they are issued to the people who lost their passports during their visit in a foreign country. This temporary passports are only valid for a short period of time which is needed for the return of the tourists to their country.
  • Family passport ‘“ the family passports are issued to the whole family. Not every member of the family gets separate passports.There is only one passport holder.
  • Fantasy passport ‘“ fantasy passports are recent creations and they are not official documents. They only appear to be regular passports but they are representing countries that do not exist anymore or never existed in the first place.

Visa is an official permission that allows us into a specific country. This permission is granted by a government official  of the country we wish to visit. The visa can be a separate document but usually it is a stamp in the passport of the traveler. There are various types of visas, the most used types are the following :

  • Tourist visa ‘“ the tourist visa is issued for the purpose of touristic travels.
  • Transit visa ‘“ transit visa is valid only for 5 days and sometimes less and it is issued for passing through a certain country to reach a third destination.
  • Business visa ‘“ business visa is issued for businessmen who travel to a certain country to engage in commercial activities.
  • Temporary worker visa ‘“ this visa is issued to temporary workers in a foreign country.
  • Student visa ‘“ student visa is issued to students who are studying in a foreign country.

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  1. how long is a tourist visa good for

    • Its duration of effectivity would depend on the Country you’re applying for. There’s really no universal rule for that one. Maybe a an average range for some like a couple of months.

  2. Why do you have to have a Visa, when you already have a passport??? Why can’t you just use your passport when going into Paris, France then traveling into London, England???

    • Your need for a visa is highly dependent on the power your passport holds, so it goes without saying that people from first world countries such as UK, Finland, Sweden, USA, Canada, etc. can travel to more countries without a need for a visa compared to those from the third world countries. This is actually very convenient since applying for a visa is very costly and time-consuming.

  3. i am katar goving visa com

  4. Please, so what of someone that wants to travel to the U S and does not have visa and passport what should he use to travel there visa or passport or the both.

  5. I satisfied.

  6. I seriously need a traveling document to study abroad. If you can help me please kindly contact me on 08149825843.pls I would be expecting your help monetary or any other ways Pertaining your post it is self explanatory nice work.

  7. My girlfriend lives in China what is the process for her to get a visa to visit me here in America and what are the cost in getting all this done. Is there a visa fee and a processing fee for the visa.

    • Yes there is. Am sorry for the late replay. You can send me a mail if you wanna know more about travels . Moreover i could help with your girlfriends Visa preparation

  8. Sir,
    I want to go abroad to work.
    What kind of visa do i have to apply for that

  9. Does the visa number have to match the passport number? If it must match and doesn’t because of typo, what should you do?

  10. How long is astudent visa?

  11. I seriously need travelling document tovstudy abroad and i dont know how to get them. Please help!08107581111
    If i get an international passport to study abroad do I have to undergo avnother form filling process to get a Visa?.

  12. I want to travel to america but I don’t know what is necessary

  13. Hello ladies and gentlemen, I want the assistant with a visa or a visa to travel to Canada for work. I work as a carpenter. I have children and my husband has four children. I am Syrian origin from the province of Aleppo. I am a wanted and poor person residing in Lebanon. My wife is a teacher. From my file from the United Nations from 2014, and I am registered for resettlement to any country other than Lebanon. My status is bad. The file is in the name of my wife Rasha Shaaban. My name is Mohamed Shaaban. Thank you.


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