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Difference Between Ambassador and Embassador

Difference Between Ambassador and Embassador

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Ambassador vs. Embassador

Ambassadors and embassadors are virtually the same entity and person, only with different spelling.

An ambassador or embasssador is a person who acts as a representative of a foreign entity, whether the entity is a foreign government or an international organization. An ambassador can be classified as a political dignitary or a goodwill representative. Both positions command respect and authority for their respective duties.

A political ambassador is a foreign representative of a country. This type of ambassador is appointed by the foreign government’s head of state and represents that government in another country. The ambassador can reside in an embassy, a diplomatic area where foreigners – both staff and citizens = apply the rules and laws of their own country, not of their host country.

As a representative of a foreign country, the ambassador protects the interests of its citizens as well as the diplomatic relationship between the two countries. The ambassador is also the chief spokesperson of the foreign government and middleman between diplomatic activities like talks, disputes, treaties, trade deals, cease-fires, and other issues between the local government and the government represented by the ambassador.

If disputes and issues arise, the ambassador receives instructions from the head of state of the government. Next, the ambassador communicates the intentions of the foreign government to the local government until there is a mutual agreement between the two countries.

The other type of ambassador/embassador is the “goodwill ambassador.” Unlike the political ambassador, the goodwill ambassador is not a political person, doesn’t have a political agenda, and does not represent politics or diplomacy between the two countries. The goodwill ambassador is an ambassador that has a broader scope. They are a representative of an international organization such as the United Nations (and its sub-organizations) or lower governmental organizations, state to local, to promote a good relationship between the two parties.

The goodwill ambassador is also appointed by the representing organization to support and speak on behalf of the organization or about the cause to a wider scope of audiences. Like the political ambassador, the goodwill ambassador communicates with various heads of state to promote a specific cause or action. In a sense, the goodwill ambassador collates support from different governments in one cause or advocacy.

A goodwill ambassador is usually a celebrity, a professional, or any person with a powerful influence in a specific field like sports, arts, entertainment, etc. Unlike the political ambassador, the goodwill ambassador can be considered an official or unofficial representative of an entity to another entity. In a diplomatic mission, the ambassador is received on a peer level. For example, a goodwill ambassador of a country is received by the other country. The same goes for the lower organizations of the government or non-profit organization. A goodwill ambassador usually promotes ideals and issues that are secular and apolitical.


1.Ambassadors and embassadors have the same concept; the only difference is in the spelling of the terms used.
2.Ambassadors are representatives and communicators of an entity to another entity. The entities can be governments or organizations.
3.Ambassadors can be classified as political ambassadors and goodwill ambassadors. Both representatives are appointed and only secure the position for a fixed period of time.
4.Political ambassadors deal with political concerns, issues, and other aspects of a diplomatic relationship between two countries. Goodwill ambassadors, on the other hand, can deal with a specific government or address a global concern or issue. Goodwill ambassadors also deal with secular and apolitical issues and concerns that often occur in a broader and more general scope.

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