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hotelHotel vs. Inn

Hotel is a building where people can pay for lodge, have meal and other services. Hotels have rooms with beds and some useful furniture like chair, TV, telephone, small table, and some modern facilities like air conditions, computer and climate controller. Some rooms are attached with bathroom where visitors can bathe and get refreshed. There are some additional features like mini-bars, gaming, swimming pools, child-care center, gym, spas, conference hall and service of social gatherings.

Food is offered by some hotels, but it has to be paid. There is a different section for food in hotels, which provides many different types of cuisines like Italian, Chinese, Lebanese, Thai, Continental and more.

The cost and expenses of hotel usually depends on the type of services. It is rated depending upon the range of service and the luxury of the hotel. Rating system is indicated by stars, hotel is affiliated by stars on these rating parameters. Hotel can be affiliated 3 stars, 5 stars or 7 stars. But AAA (American Automobile Association) uses diamonds instead of stars to affiliate hotels.

An inn is generally a building located along a highway or countryside where people can seek lodging and food. Inns were the first commercial buildings for lodging and boarding. Inns were established at time of Romans, to help travelers in lodging, food and drinks including alcohol. Not only do they used to provide service for the travelers, but horses were provided with stable and fodder. Until now, aside from providing lodging, it also provides good services to customers like drinks and food. Inns do not have separate restaurants instead it has small section for food and drink. It does not provide a large food variety unlike in hotels.

Hotels generally are large buildings which have big rooms, whereas Inns are small building with small rooms. Some hotels can accommodate thousands of people at a time whereas inns cannot accommodate that large quantity of people. Inns are generally located far from the cities compare to hotels which are commonly situated in the cities.

Hotels provide some recreational facilities like gym, gaming, swimming, spas, and many more which inns do not provide. Hotels have bigger section for restaurants which can accommodate many people and provide them with different type of cuisines. Inns have a small area for food with limited cuisine. Inns were established first than hotels. Hotels are luxurious whereas inns are not so. Inns do not have star ratings like hotels do.


1)Hotels are located in the cities. Inns are located on the highways.
2)Hotels can accommodate large number of people than Inns.
3)Inns have small area for food whereas hotels have bigger area called Restaurant.
4)Hotels have standard rating for their service but inns do not have.
5) Inns have limited food variety compare to hotels which have many varieties of cuisine.

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  1. This is terribly written. The grammar is horrendous. Learn English or hire an editor!

    • Oh, shut the hell up.

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      Grow up, please, my dear. Stop acting like you’re so high-and-mighty because you’ve had the privilege of English being your first language.

    • I wouldn’t say that it’s horrible, because it does effectively clarify the difference between a hotel and an inn. However, it could use some proofreading, yes. It’s obvious that English is not the first language of the author.

  2. I am totally frustrated here besides the locations, the two are the same?

  3. First, wow AJ, can you say racism? Not everyone who notices how unprofessional this is can be viewed as white Americans.

    As well, not everyone who noticed how unprofessional this reads is a native English speaker.

    I’m not any of these.


    • No kidding AJ. Obsess much. Your angst is juvenile your anger is more than is required for this post. May you have the problem. Just a humble. Guess.

  4. The horrendous grammar is not important to me, I search difference between a hotel and an inn so that text help me a lot .

  5. It is the correct information. As my personal experience last year, I was badly stuck on the highway, and I got the lodge or Inn. They gave me limited facilities, and there were only six rooms. But the lodge is helpful during that time where you can not get any hotel. You can safely stay at least.


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