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Difference Between Five Star Hotel and Seven Star Hotel

Five Star Hotel vs Seven Star Hotel

For quite a long time, five star hotels have been known as the most luxurious ones. Now, several hotels have been awarded seven stars. Previous classifications were on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest. Now a seven star hotel would be ranked as the most luxurious hotel in the world.

What makes it different?
Hotels, like restaurants, movies and TV shows, are classified by a star rating. Hotels are usually rated based on the quality of the food, the location, accessibility, room sizes, amenities, view and the availability and quality of fitness centers and spa. So far, there has not been a uniform hotel ranking guide, which is why different standards are set per country.

Five star hotels are luxury hotels and mostly cater to celebrities, high ranking political figures and business moguls. Most of the time, business executives stay at five star hotels when they are on a business trip and meeting with other investors. On the other hand, a seven star hotel caters to royalty and billionaires (and their heirs) with lots of money to spend. Rich business executives stay in seven star hotels but their stay may not be connected to business. Seven star hotels are generally chosen for leisure stays.

Luxury hotels or five star hotels are constructed from high-grade materials and have intricate architectural designs. Mostly, 24-hour room service is available, aside from gourmet dining and a high staff-to-guest ratio. Rooms are huge and are decorated with fine furnishings. The rooms have luxury bath products and toiletries, high-speed Internet access and DVD players. Most five star hotels have access to a golf course; spa and wellness center; pool and tennis courts. The most luxurious room in a five star hotel is the presidential suite.

Though a five star hotel seems to have everything a person wants to feel luxurious, a seven star hotel tops this. They have such services as a Rolls Royce limousine guest shuttle service, a ‘royal’ suite rather than a ‘presidential’ one and gold furnishings.

On average, the cheapest room for two in a seven star hotel is at $1,700 per night. This will get you and a companion to a deluxe five star hotel room for three nights. Burj Al Arab, one of the most famous seven star hotels in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has a 780 square meter royal suite with a rate of $28,000 per person per night. The hotel has magnificent gold and marble staircases, mahogany furniture, master bedrooms with rotating four-poster canopy, Hermes body products and a Rolls Royce, BMW or helicopter transfer or service.

Staff at seven star hotels research their incoming guests. Because of this, guests are known by everyone working in the hotel, making the stay more memorable.Five star hotel staff are not required to research their guests mainly because it is not part of what you are paying them for and also the fact that they receive a greater number of guests and reservations. Additionally, the rates at seven star hotels are higher so it is no surprise that staff would pay significantly more attention to their guests.

1. A five star hotel is generally frequented by wealthy people such as celebrities, business executives and politicians.
2. Even more luxurious is a seven star hotel which gives its guests the ‘royal’ treatment.
3. At a price of $1,700, you and another companion can stay for three nights at a deluxe room at a five star hotel. In a seven star hotel, this rate is the cheapest per night.
4. Burj Al Arab, the most popular seven star hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, takes pride for its royal suite with a royal rate of $28,000 per person per night.

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  1. Do you know who I would contact or how I would get involved in doing private ratings for upscale hotels. I am not looking to write articles or be a critic, I am instead wanting to work with managers. I’d like to help the hotel improve staff, reward those staff members that are people friendly and truly enjoy their jobs and perhaps get rid of those that are not cut out for the business and can give the hotel a poor rep. Your reply would be much appreciated. Best regards, Gail DeLane

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