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Difference Between Hotel and Motel

motelMost people usually stay in hotels for longer period of time probably up to a week or two.

Motels are often privately owned and old fashioned; you can find Motels along streets rather than actually in a town. It’s awesome for families that are on road trips and long for a comfortable bed to sleep in for the night. Most people staying in a Motel do not stay for a long time and tend to stay for only couple of days at the most.

The best appearance of a Motel is its u-shaped building and its yard as a huge parking lot. The visitor’s cars are parked right outside their door just a few feet away. This makes it very convenient for people who have lots of luggage to carry or it’s just comforting knowing that their car is parked right outside the room. Motels usually offer a refrigerator and microwave in the room. They do not have room service like you would see in a hotel.

Hotels on the other hand have a very different structure than Motels. Hotels doors are facing inward toward the hallways. They usually offer many luxuries such as gym, Jacuzzi, restaurant, room services and cable televisions to name a few. The parking lots in hotels are usually located separated from the Hotel itself and if necessary, there are usually shuttle services provided.

Even though most Motels do not offer the same luxuries as the Hotel do, it provides an easy comfortable stay with low rates.

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  1. Has motel also be double, triple storey?? just hotel?
    marvellous explanation.keep it up

    • Per AAA, the difference between Hotel and Motel is :

      Hotel: Only through lobby, you can enter your rooms – not multiple access

      Motel: You can directly access your room without going through the lobby.

      Hope it helps.


  2. give examples ,so that it could be easily understood and grasped like if you want to compare between motel and hotel give the popular hotels and motels names and pictures also add up to your stuff.


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