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Difference Between Management and Business Administration Degrees

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There can be a lot of confusion between the ‘administration’ and ‘management’ of businesses. In the practical world of business, they are very similar, and generally have identical functions and responsibilities. Many may think that administration is more about paper-pushing and clerical work, while management is more about authority and decision-making. However, unless clearly defined by a particular company, business management and administration are generally the same.

Professionals in management are vital to any business or organization. These managers are relied upon to establish and implement policies, as well as strategies. Additionally, they are expected to help people involved in the organization, work for a common goal, in the most effective way possible. These professionals have studied management degree programs, which have helped them become effective managers.

Management degree programs prepare individuals for planning, managing, organizing, and running the essential procedures and tasks of organized bodies, such as companies or firms. Courses also include many aspects that are vital to any business, such as communications, production, logistics and purchasing, the quantitative methods of accounting, administrative practices, decision-making, marketing, information systems, and human resources management, and so forth. They also handle training of the workforce.

The degree primes any person for entry-level management positions, like supervisor, assistant manager, group leader, project manager, or office manager. The areas or fields of work is broad, as one can work in advertising, finance, benefits administration, insurance, human resources, wholesaling, retailing, communication, and transportation.

A degree in Business Administration, on the other hand, exposes students to a selection of core subjects. It also allows students to focus on a special academic area. The core subjects normally include: Business law and ethics, accounting, finance, economics, marketing, management information systems, organizational behavior and management, operations management, strategic management, and operations research.

Seemingly, even the specialized subjects in Administration courses are very similar to that of Management. The prospective jobs and responsibilities are fairly the same as well. Business Administration degree programs allow students to become experts in areas of accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, management, marketing, business computer applications, and business economics.

If there is any distinction between the two degrees, it will be the broader scope of Business administration, as it concerns itself with the management and performance of the operations of a company. Business Administration has various departments, like accounting, marketing, management, and finance.


1. Business Administration degrees are normally broader in scope, and management can be considered as part of its extensive scale.

2. Business administration degrees offer a balanced mix of clerical, operations, and management skills, while Management degrees, although they have aspects of clerical and operation subjects, are more about the management of human resources and personnel operations.

3. In reality, the lines are blurred when it comes to potential jobs and responsibilities, as both degrees can be for the same positions.

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