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Difference Between Business Management and Administration

‘Business Management’ vs ‘Administration’

If you take a business course in college, chances are you will have to study business mathematics, business law, business administration, and business management, no matter what field you major in.

All these business fields study similar subjects and prepare the student for a career in business either as employees, owners, managers, or administrators. To become a good administrator or manager, one must learn economics, accounting, mathematics, law, management, even a little psychology.

Knowing about these subjects is necessary because in all business organizations there are managers and administrators. Even if you start at the lowest level of the corporate ladder, you must be knowledgeable in all fields to have a better chance of being promoted to a higher position.

Managers and administrators are both very essential in the efficient running of the organization. They are the ones who make important decisions for the efficient running and the achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives. They are similar to each other; in fact, they basically have the same functions and responsibilities.

If you take both management and administration courses, you will notice that they offer similar subjects. Management programs are available to prepare individuals in the management, organizational planning, and other tasks in a company or organization.

Business management, therefore, is organizing people together by utilizing available resources effectively to achieve a desired goal. It includes planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling an organization or a group of people. Management is in charge of implementing policies that are formulated and approved by the administration.

Business administration, on the other hand, is the management of business operations through the making and implementation of major decisions concerning the organization. A business administrator can either be the manager or secretary of an organization whose duty is to report to a board of directors.

Business administrators are the ones in charge of an organization’s bureaucratic and operational activities like finance, personnel, and information systems. Some organizations view management as a part of business administration because a manager’s duties are usually concerned with the technical aspects of the organization’s operations.

Business administration has a broader scope than business management. It involves the administration of all aspects of the organization. A good business administrator must have studied a variety of subjects in all areas of business like accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, management, marketing, and economics.

On the other hand, these same subjects are also important to business managers although they are more concerned with the management of human resources and personnel operations.


1. Business administration has a broader scope while business management has a limited scope in an organization.
2. Studying business administration and business management courses would require one to study the same subjects and fields, but the former involves a more extensive program while the latter does not.
3. Business administration also involves management and, in fact, business management is considered a part of business administration.
4. Business administration formulates and approves organizational plans and policies while business management implements these same plans and policies.

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