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Penthouse Vs Playboy

If you are an avid follower of adult magazines, you pretty much know what to expect from popular magazines such as Penthouse and Playboy. The issues released from both magazines may sometimes differ in terms of approach and style. But majority of readers come to accept that Playboy is less explicit compared to the edgier Penthouse.

In Playboy, there seems to be so much airbrushing that the models already appear like cartoon characters. This may sound a bit exaggerated but in reality, too much photo-shopping and darkening of some areas in the picture really give some privacy to what’s left of the models themselves.

Penthouse is more explicit as it appears to be midway between Playboy (the rated R magazine) and Hustler Mag (the hard core all-out XXX material). In here you can see women spreading their legs and having their genitals focused or closed up. Being classified as a magazine closer to the likes of FHM and Maxim, Playboy has less (if none at all) spreading of legs seen among their models.

With the quality of magazine content, majority of readers claim that Playboy has classier pictures and well written articles. Penthouse, on the other hand, brings the word soft porn a notch higher by publishing more vulgar pictures and raunchier articles. Nevertheless, both have good contents’”although it depends on what type of reading or visual material you’d like to see.

Practically, both magazines display the same style of telling parodies, sex jokes, several columns on advice from the experts and of course, the steamy letters that bring each reader to the mood and imagination on what new positions to try out. But comparing the article content of each magazine, more readers would agree that Playboy has more informative articles. As mentioned, many articles from Penthouse seem a lot crude. But tin fairness, they also publish some top quality articles for the choosy readers. So if you want to read a more erotic, imaginative and action-packed sex story, then go for Penthouse as there is a bigger chance of finding one there.

As for the models themselves, critics have regarded Playboy as having the best-looking women out there. If you have a daughter or a sister then who works as a model for Playboy, you can at least manage to be proud of her. Not so when she’s working for Penthouse, because of the built-in stigma where it seems like the model is posing for a porn movie (with those still shots in print).

1. Playboy is seen to have less explicit pictures compared to Penthouse.
2. Playboy is said to have more well written articles compared to Penthouse.
3. Playboy is said to have the more good-looking models than Penthouse.

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  2. There’s no question that Playboy beats penthouse or any other adult magazine. It’s like Disney compared to all other animation or Coca-Cola compared to all other soft drinks. Sure, there’s others, but Playboy is the golden standard-the one all others are compared to and measured against. It was also the FIRST and has had the greatest sex symbols of all time in it’s pages, from Marilyn Monroe to Jayne Mansfield to Bettie Page to Brigitte Bardot to Farrah Fawcett. Playboy also had its own variety show in the 60’s/70’s, it’s own reality show (the girls next door) in the 2000’s, as well as it’s own cosmetics and apparel lines, with the playboy bunny insignia being recognized all over the world. The playmates are iconic, the magazine is iconic, and Hugh Hefner is iconic, with his sailor’s hat, his pipe and his silk pajamas being as legendary as Michael Jackson and his sequined glove. Quite simply, no men’s magazine has ever or will ever have the impact of playboy.

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