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Difference Between Mood and Feeling

Mood vs Feeling

Mood is a very different word when compared to the term feeling. Foremost, mood is an emotional condition or state that lasts longer than feelings. It is described as an emotional state that is not that intense and not that specific. When you are asked about your mood, there are usually two ends to answering that one question. This means that you are either happy or sad so to speak.

Feeling is what one will get or experience when he feels. For example, when one touches a certain surface then he will immediately perceive a sort of sensation that makes him say that the surface is either rough or smooth. Alternatively, feeling can also be an experience when used in the following manner: feeling of love, feeling of warmth and feeling of security.

Nevertheless, the word feeling often describes something acute or something that happens for the shorter term. A good example is when you are walking along a dark unlighted aisle. In this situation, you will most likely experience the feeling of fear at that exact moment when you were walking along that path.

As mentioned moods, on the other hand, can last for several hours or even days like when you have been happy the entire week although you can just be generalizing things. That’s why there is a great possibility for one to have an abnormally prolonged period of being happy or sad which develops into a psychiatric problem like depression, mania or both (manic-depressive bipolar disorder).

According to Psychology, feeling is both a subjective and conscious occurrence. Thus, if you are easily frightened then it is expected that you will easily fear or get anxious of many variables. However, there are also some instances wherein feelings are unconscious, like when it happens at the visceral level. When you are experience a form of emotional uneasiness then most likely you have a negative ‘gut feeling.’ If used in this manner, feeling can be a form of intuitiveness that helps one makes immediate decisions based on common sense. This can best be exemplified when you suddenly see an unconscious person lying in front of you. Often, you’ll touch the person to assess whether he is still alive or not; or at least know if he’s still conscious and breathing.

1. Mood lasts longer than feelings

2. Feeling is the result physically feeling (or touching) something. It can also describe a certain experience and or intuitiveness

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  1. Feelings come and feelings go, but mood does like to linger.

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