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bribePolitical Contribution vs Bribe

There is an ocean of difference between a political contribution and bribe. However, some people who are getting disillusioned with modern political systems contend that the two concepts are just the same and their only difference is seven syllables.

In strict legal parlance, political contribution is sanctioned by existing statutes. In the United States, getting political contribution is a constitutional right of candidates running for public office. Bribe on the other hand is outright dirty money. The act of accepting a bribe is prohibited under the law wherever you are.

Following these basic premises, giving political contribution is a legitimate act to support a candidate, the party, or a political action committee. In contrast, a bribe is intended to corrupt good judgment and the political processes. Because of this, it is considered illegitimate and punishable.

Because a bribe is illegal and is given discreetly, there is no limit to the amount you can give. Anyone can also give or accept bribes. On the other hand, a political contribution is subject to rules and regulations mandated by Federal, state, or local statutes.

For example, you or your company can give a million dollar in bribe to any public official. There are no limits as long as you don’t get caught. In contrast, a political contribution can only be made by individuals. Companies can not give political contributions. The amount of the contribution also has limitations.

A bribe can be used by a politician for any purpose. You can pay your bills with it or go to a casino to splurge at the tables. Meanwhile, a political contribution can not be used for other purposes aside from campaigning and is subject to auditing procedures by the authorities.

Moralists believe that bribe and political contribution are different words with the same meaning. But always remember that a bribe is illegal while political contribution is not.

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