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Difference Between Uber and Uber Eats

A few years back, the idea of getting into someone else’s car, or walking into a stranger’s home, would have seemed unappealing, if not dangerous. But thanks to technological advancements and online platforms like Uber and Airbnb, it’s as common as ordering groceries online. Innovation is at the heart of every new business, and this is probably why technology-based companies like Uber exist in more dynamic industries. It’s hell of a journey for Uber, which despite many challenges has shown continued growth and diversified its services, including food delivery with Uber Eats. In this article, we explore the differences between Uber and Uber Eats.


Uber is a popular ride-hailing service and a technology platform that enables users with transportation needs to book a ride through just an app. You just have to open the Uber app and enter your destination, and a nearby driver will pick you up and drop you there reliably. Uber was founded by two friends, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, in 2009 as a ride-hailing service in San Francisco. Since its launch, Uber has garnered significant media attention and disrupted the ride-hailing industry, and in the process, made the life of the users more convenient.

Uber Eats

To diversify its services portfolio, Uber launched a food delivery service called Uber Eats in 2014. It is an on-demand food ordering and delivery platform that allows users to order food of their choice from their favorite restaurants and have it delivered right to their doorstep. When it was initially launched, it did not have its own app; in fact, it was found next to the other options on the Uber app. Now, Uber Eats has its own dedicated app where customers can browse menus, order food, track their order in real-time, and pay through the app itself.

Difference between Uber and Uber Eats


– Uber is basically a ride-hailing service that allows users to book ride through the app. You have to enter your destination in the app, and a nearby driver will pick you up and drop you there. Uber Eats, on the other hand, is a food delivery service launched by Uber. Uber Eats is an on-demand food ordering and delivery platform where users can order food from hundreds of selections, from local food joints to popular chains, and have it delivered to their doorstep.

Delivery Time

– When you book a ride through the Uber app, it connects you with a nearby driver who’s available at that moment and the driver typically arrives within a few minutes upon your request. The response time is pretty much fast. Uber Eats, on the other hand, is a food delivery service so the delivery times vary depending on how much time the restaurant takes to prepare your order and how far is the restaurant from your location. Based on that, delivery times might vary significantly.

Payment Structure

– It is apparent that Uber pays more to their drivers for driving passengers than what it pays for Uber Eats to deliver foods. In addition, the rates for Uber Eats are pretty much clear-cut as the drivers get a flat rate for delivering each order and it does not change if you order more than one meal. Uber drivers get more money because there are many factors that can affect the pay, such as the distance between source and destination, waiting time, ride time, and so on. In addition, Uber has a dynamic pricing structure, so the ride charges vary significantly based on the time of the booking.

Uber vs. Uber Eats: Comparison Chart


To sum it all up, while the two belong to the same family, they are two very different platforms that offer different services. Uber is a ride-hailing service whereas Uber Eats is the food delivering arm of Uber. Uber is for booking and sharing rides whereas Uber Eats is for ordering food. If you want to go somewhere, you book a ride with Uber and it will connect you with a nearby driver who will take you there. With Uber Eats, you order food from one of your favorite restaurants and the driver will pick the order from the restaurant and deliver it at your doorstep.

What pays more Uber Eats or Uber?

Uber pays more to the drivers because they are paid based on the distance and time of their rides, while the drivers of Uber Eats are typically paid a flat delivery rate, plus incentives if they complete certain deliveries in a specific time period. 

Is there a difference between Uber and Uber Eats?

Uber is a ride-hailing service whereas Uber Eats is the food delivering arm of Uber. Uber is for booking and sharing rides whereas Uber Eats is for ordering food.

Is Uber or Uber Eats worth it?

For customers who want to go from point A to point B, they will book a ride through the Uber app. If someone is ordering food, he/she will use the Uber Eats app. For drivers, Uber pays more to drive people around.

Can I make $500 a week with Uber?

The amount of money you make driving for Uber can vary depending on many factors, such as time of your drive, waiting time, the city you’re in, and so on. While it is possible to make $500 a week if you mostly take long rides, it is not always guaranteed.

Can you make $1,000 a weekend with Uber?

It depends on many factors, such as time of your drive, the city you’re in, waiting time, long distance rides, and so on.

What happens when you hit 100 deliveries on Uber Eats?

Uber Eats offers bonuses to new drivers for completing their first 100 deliveries. This also gives drivers access to the Uber Eats Pro program, meaning they can get additional perks and benefits. It is a reward program that rewards delivery drivers for the hard work they do every single day.

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