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Differences Between HSUS and Humane Society

HSUS vs Humane Society

It is probably innate in all of us to be protective. Every individual thrives on saving the defeated, being known as the champion of the underdog, and this is even evident on movies that we see wherein we love happy endings and we want to see that the hero always wins in the end … good versus evil. So why is this our opening section for our topic? We will be differentiating the HSUS, which stands for Humane Society of the United States, and the Humane Society. They both sound similar, right? Then again, this is why we shall focus this article on describing the differences between the two, so there wouldn’t be any confusion on which term to use when we talk about it, and hopefully, when we sign up as one of their volunteers.

What is HSUS?

As mentioned earlier, HSUS stands for the Humane Society of the United States, hence its acronym. It is based in Washington DC and it is the largest animal advocacy organization in the whole world. Suffice it to say, while the HSUS can boast as the largest organization, many countries around the world have followed suit and created, as well as opened, a similar organization based in their country.

How is the Humane Society different?

This is where the second group comes in. The Humane Society is a group that is created to help in stopping, preventing, and hopefully to minimizing human or animal suffering. These suffering scenarios can be due to cruelty or other reasons. In fact, such reasons are quite varied and broad, just like in the United Kingdom, wherein their Humane Society is one that is created to provide waterways rescue, recovery service, and even as an award-giving organization to those who save lives.

So let’s focus on both groups in the United States. How is one different from the other?

The HSUS is not a parent organization for animal shelters for the many different states in the country. They are a non-profit agency and their objectives are more than just rescuing stray animals. The Humane Society, on the other hand, may deal with pets but they also focus on the wildlife and animal welfare programs.

One of the bigger differences that the Humane Society has over the HSUS is the focus on an advocate against animal testing in research. They are quite vocal regarding commercial and sport fishing and hunting. They are also against ‘factory farming,’ which is about raising animals in large amounts to produce food.

HSUS is about animal rights. They would like to see animals, especially pets, not be owned, as it is their right.

Our world may be thought of as focused too much on technology and modernization. In all honesty, when you look around you that may seem to be the case. What is quite awe-inspiring and remarkable is that there are still people around us who live in this modern world we inhabit as well, who make it their life’s purpose to take care of those who can’t speak out.


Both of these organizations focus on helping rights of animals. How they both deal with these rights and how they go about informing people about how these rights should be implemented is one of the factors that make one different over the other.

Suffering, whether people or animals, is frowned upon and this is why both the HSUS and the Humane Society make it their organizations’ objectives and aim to take care of these animals as much as they can, and find ways to open the eyes of every individual as well.

HSUS focuses on animal advocacy while the Humane Society focuses on both animal and human suffering, and hopefully, to be able to stop such.

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  1. You need to examine the percentage of donations each organization gets and uses for its purpose. It is my understanding that a hug percentage of the money HSUS gets goes to its administration!

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