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meat-food-pdZabiha vs Halal

Zabiha is considered as the most appropriate and correct way to slaughter animals for consumption as per the prescriptions in the Quran. Zabiha is the way that defines how the animals must be slaughtered in a humane way.

Halal is considered legitimate and lawful as per the Islamic beliefs, and is believed to be largely a humane method of animal slaughter. The Muslims strongly follow the teachings of Quran, and as per the Quran, all living beings should be given respect and kindness, thus, while slaughtering, it is ensured that the animal does not undergo grave pain and suffering. Halal is a kind and merciful way of slaughtering animals. As per the Shariah, Muslims should only consume Halal meat, and every slaughter factory must comply with the conditions imposed by the Halal certifier.

In Zabiha, several animals like the camel, locusts and various sea creatures are considered bad, and are prohibited by the Islamic law. In this way, animals are slaughtered with a swift and deep cut, using a sharp knife which cuts the jugular vein of the prey. It is the most lawful way for consumption of meat, and is based on the various commandments of the Islamic conditions. The conditions described in Zabiha are followed strictly by Muslims.

According to Halal regulations, slaughtering is intended to be done in such a manner that it causes minimum pain and suffering to the animal. The person who slaughters the animal must be a mature and sane Muslim, and understand all the rules and principles of the Halal way of slaughtering.
Islam forbids the consumption of the meat of animals which are killed while any other name is recited other than the name of Allah. By reciting the name of Allah during slaughter they seek god’s permission to kill the animal for sustaining life.

The slaughter is to be approved by several religious authorities. Another condition is that when the slaughter is done the animal should be facing Qibla, which is the direction where Mecca is located.

Zabiha restricts the slaughter of several animals, like the camel, locusts and some sea creatures, as they are considered unlawful. Halal means anything which is lawful and permissible as per the laws of Islam. So Zabiha may be considered a form of Halal which ensures that very animal is slaughtered in a humane way, and complies with the Islamic beliefs.

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  1. Zabiha is simply a method of slaughter. It has little or no islamic connection. The major term is Halal which means lawful or permissible. An animal slaughtered in the name of anyone else other than good Lord is unlawful regardless of its method of slaughter. While food which is in Allah’s name is lawful regardless of the method.

    Many muslims, particularly from Indopak subcontinent generally use ‘jhatka’ as opposed to Halal without realising that opposite to Halal is Haram and not jhatka which is simply another method of slaughter, right or wrong.

    • But jhatka usually doesn’t have any name recited over it… then what?

    • Zabiha/dhabihah is one of the MOST CRUEL ways of killing an animal.

    • When they Say “Zatka” there is essence of meanings. 1. Neck is sperate or
      Spinal cord is severed, it is possible may be hanging by skin. it may be with one stroke (mostly). May have required more than one stroke. Agree it is
      method of slaughtering.

  2. What is zabihah
    Does zabihah means that the chicken has to be slaughtered by hand and not by machine and after saying the word bisamallah allah ho Akbar.

    please clarify the above for me by 9pm tomorrow.

    Khuda Hafiz
    raj mohammed

  3. The camel is not haram. It is permissible to eat camel however, it breaks your wadu.

  4. I’ve been wondering what the actual words are that are supposed to be recited during the slaughter. Can anyone tell me. I have been searching and can’t find it.

  5. Surely as long as the words recited in ALLAHs name should make the slaughtered meat HalAl no matter the method?
    How humane is it to slaughter? Is zhibiha is not a set of procedures that tells you how to slaughter. Zhibiha is nothing more than someone’s idea of how slaughtering should happen? If slaughtering has a lawful clause by a government that is the HALAL (lawful) way to slaughter in that place where it is governed.
    a fully conscious animal

  6. I guess author of this post is my muslim brother! 🙂

    I am sorry but halal is no “humane” way! I think its most cruel and painful way of killing anyone.

    “Jhatka” I would say is best way as the direction is back to front and your brains come off 1st so there is less and quick pain. I am no doctor but I guess thats how necks are made of no matter its a human or a chicken or goat!

    But yes as I herd from muslim friend of mine when we were in school, Halal is most healthy way of eating as it drains out most of blood and harmful stuff if any!

    But anyways most of the time i get halal meat as i am just buying not killing! lol

  7. I have seen chicken freely raised at home. we, our neighbors in mohallas
    used to raise in my town. Eats Meat product e.g. Fascia So I was wondering
    statement about animal should not be given Meat product in their food ?
    Are above mentioned raised Chickens Halal ….?

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