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Hiring vs Recruitment

New companies need employees to work for them and help in the achievement of their goals while already-existing companies need them to replace the ones who have left due to several different reasons.

They usually try their best to attract the best and most brilliant talents and minds to their companies to ensure the success of their businesses. This involves the process of enticing prospective employees through the recruitment and hiring processes.

“Recruitment” is defined as the process of supplying a company or an organization with new employees or members. It is aimed at attracting, identifying, and finding the right person to fill a job vacancy in the most effective way possible. It can be a planned recruitment wherein a company needs new employees because of changes or retirement in the company. It can also be anticipated wherein the need is caused by personnel movements, or it can be unexpected wherein the need is due to employee resignation, accident, illness, or death.

It is the first step in the company’s bid to adding new employees. This is done by informing jobseekers and the public about the company’s needs through advertisements and searching in databases.

After potential employees have submitted their applications and resumes, their skills and personalities are appraised to see if they fit the job. The chosen candidates are then interviewed to see the extent of their knowledge about the job and the company. After the interview, the hiring process starts. This is when the company has already chosen the right candidate for the job, and it is time to make him an offer. It wraps up the recruitment process when the company has found the best candidate.

Hiring is the process of engaging the services of a person either temporarily or permanently for a certain fee. It is for the purpose of performing a certain job which is specified before the employee is hired by a company. Upon hiring, the employee and the company enter into a contract which states all the terms and conditions which the company specifies and which are to be adhered to by the new employee.

Hiring starts the moment the new employee is chosen from among the candidates and then continues until he starts working on the job after he has fulfilled all the necessary requirements.


1.Recruitment is the process of looking for and attracting new members or employees for a company or organization while hiring is the process of finding and engaging the services of the person that best suits the job.
2.Recruitment is a long and tedious process involving several personnel to select which candidate is best for the job while hiring is done the moment the right employee is chosen from among the many candidates.
3.Recruitment needs arise when there are changes in the company such as retirements, deaths, accidents, or illnesses, and hiring is part of the recruitment process.
4.Recruitment is the first step in the process of attracting and finding new employees while hiring is the last step in the process.

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