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Difference Between Staffing Agency and Executive Recruiter Agency

Staffing Agency vs Executive Recruiter Agency

Executive recruiter agencies, or headhunters, and staffing agencies are agencies which work as an intermediary between the employers and the employees. Both agencies have a similar framework, but their functions are slightly different from each other. The primary goal of both of these agencies is to match the requirements of a company with the available workforce data available for hiring. When a company requires a candidate to fill a prospective post, the requirement is forwarded to these agencies. Instead of looking for candidates themselves, with the job profile and the expectations of the company are given to the staffing agency and the executive recruitment agency who have access to a huge database of people with the required skills. They are selected and their skill set matched to the requirements of the company, and then prospective candidates are sent for interviews to the companies which need the candidates.

Staffing Agency
The staffing agency usually works at mid-level to junior-level roles and on a result-only basis or on a contingency. When a company is looking for many candidates to interview and one of them has to be selected, then it’s ideal to forward the job requirement to a staffing agency. The staffing agency matches the requirements to the available database of skilled workers and sends many candidates with the job skill set required to the company. Some may specialize in long-term placements while others in short-term placements. Staffing agencies are not exclusive to any one company. They always work with active candidates who are looking for jobs.

Executive Recruiter Agency
Executive recruiter agencies work exclusively with a company. They work across time zones and geographical areas to find the right candidate with the right skill sets for the company within a particular time frame. The candidates chosen for a particular job may or may not be from the same industry. They may or may not be active candidates. Meaning they may or may not be actually looking for a change but are approached because they have the skill set required. Executive recruiter agencies form a strong bond with the companies they work for and have a long-term relationship with the companies.

Executive recruiter agencies are mainly for job management or for jobs which are very difficult to be filled and are very challenging. The data available with these agencies is huge. They have professional methodologies, and they do their research and have access to a vast number of candidates with varied skill sets.


1.Staffing agencies mainly work on a contingency. They work at mid-level to junior-level roles and on a result-only basis; executive recruiter agencies have long-term relations with the companies hiring their services and find candidates for jobs which are challenging or difficult to fill.
2.Staffing agencies are not exclusive to a company; executive recruiter agencies are exclusive, and they find candidates within a given time frame.
3.Staffing agencies usually work with active candidates, i.e., candidates who have already applied for job changes; executive recruiter agencies work with non-active candidates also and have resources to find prospective candidates from other industries also.

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