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educationKnowledge vs Education

There is not much difference between knowledge and education as both are correlated to each other. In fact one leads to another. The primary difference between the two is that education is formal process whereas knowledge is informal experience. Education is acquired through the formal institutions like school, colleges and universities, whereas knowledge is gained from the real life experiences. Hence education is a process of gaining knowledge for some useful application whereas knowledge is facts acquired from good education, peers, consultations and extensive reading.

Another difference between the two is that education is taught by the teachers to the students while knowledge is gained by itself or is self driven. Education is a process of learning and one comes to know various facts, ideas and theories. While on other hand knowledge is the application of these facts and theories. There are no set guidelines for it. Education has a predefined set of rules, regulations and curriculum whereas knowledge has no such boundaries. It can come from teacher, parents, friends, painful moments of life, joyous moments, children etc. Hence it is not taught but acquired by self efforts.

Both knowledge and education are synonyms but still has a borderline difference between them. Knowledge is gained from life experiences and age while education is learned from the books and may never be experienced. Knowledge is related to facts whereas education is related to learning, critical thinking and knowing oneself. Education grows with age whereas knowledge has no such growth rate, even a child can be more knowledgeable than an adult. One has to follow a system to be educated whereas knowledge can be gained without following any such systems.

Lastly the difference between knowledge and education is that knowledge is a noun which is gained through experience and education. It is about understanding a particular fact or an event. It includes the raw information, understanding the matter and developing ones skills related to the matter having appropriate resources. One can have medical, scientific or commercial knowledge whereas education cannot be defines into small spheres, it is on the whole a complete system with facts related to age group and a person. It is rather more specific and defined.

Hence, education helps in imparting ones culture and tradition from one generation to another. It helps an individual to realize the self potential and talents. It is related to different fields of learning and teaching such as computer science, sociology, linguistic etc. Many theories are linked with education psychology. Knowledge helps these traditions to grow for the betterment of society and not the selfish motto. We can distinguish between the good and bad and follow the customs selflessly.


1.Education is a formal process of gaining knowledge whereas knowledge is informally acquired through experiences.
2.Education needs institutions for learning while knowledge has no boundaries.
3.Education has a defined set of rules and curriculum whereas knowledge has no such limitations.
4.Education is learned from books and grows with age while knowledge is free to be acquired from surroundings and has no age limit.

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  1. I think that “School” should replace “Education” in this article.

    Schooling, not education, is dependent on institutions for learning. You can get an education (such as learning a foreign language) by traveling to a foreign country. You may refer to this as “knowledge”, but the distinction is important. To me, this article should either be titled “The Difference between School and Knowledge” or “The Difference between School and Education”.

    Regardless of the words used, I appreciate the insights!

  2. It is an informative site which provides us with required information

  3. If you read a Henry James novel and tell me it’s wonderful and he is a great author I now have information on your experience. If I tell someone that Henry James writes wonderful books and is a great author based on your experience I am passing along a rumor, belief, information, any number of words. If I read a Henry James novel and find the experience to boring and don’t feel he is a good author, well that is my experience, and therefore based on that I “know”. I have knowledge based on experience. If I read a biography on Henry James, I have evidence of his life, now I am informed. Since he is the only one who lived his life, he is the only one who has “knowledge” of what it was like. The writer may have witnessed Henry James in certain situations or may have added eye-witness accounts of experiences Henry James was having, but to those were the witnesses experiences of Henry James’ experiences, not Henry James’ own experience. I would look up the word “gnosis”, then the world “theist”.

  4. knowledge is information while education is a source of getting it.

    • There is – or should be – no difference between knowledge and education. One (education) is a vehicle for the other (knowledge). Far from being simply ‘information’, knowledge consists of a series of predictions which, in the absence of a developed and restricted set of instincts, substitutes for these.

      Hence, the less knowledge we have, the more likely we are not to survive. This explains why humans can survive at the poles (just!) and in the desert. In both cases, large amounts of prior abstract knowledge means life itself, as Victorian explorers who died in the desert would all too readily testify.

      If they could.

  5. I got what I read.
    Infact above was very acceptable info.

    Thank you for your kind info

  6. knowledge is information gained or experience acquired while education is a formal source of getting it.

  7. Seminar on education is inferior to knowledge can you send me seminar now

  8. Well done
    Great job………

  9. Knowledge is the primary source you get it since when you born, while Education is the secondary source

  10. Here narrow meaning of education is given. In broader Sense education the title is not suitable.


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