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make-upMakeup Artist vs Cosmetologist

To become a makeup artist no formal education is required. To become a cosmetologist one must have completed an approved course in cosmetology. Makeup artist generally work on the facial makeup only. Cosmetologists are trained to do hair, skin and nails.

The makeup artists are usually more well versed with the latest trends in fashion and the glamour industry. They would not be able to advise you on issues like skin care, hair care or nails care. Makeup artist generally do not undertake hair styling also. Cosmetologists on the other hand are more versed with the treatments and therapies and best practices related to skin, Nails and hair care. They also undertake hair styling and nail maintenance.

There are courses also available for makeup artists however these are focusing more on the practical knowledge with the aim of getting the candidate a basic job. These do not have any perquisites of education or experience. The courses for the makeup artists generally may get one a certificate but these are not recognized by any board and will not get the candidate any license. The courses for Cosmetology are very intense and generally require the candidate to have completed minimum level of schooling. These courses are generally recognized by the state education boards and clearing this course would generally earn the candidate a license to practice. These courses will not equip the candidate on the latest fashion trends and styles. These need to be picked up by the candidate on his own. These courses are basically aimed at educating the candidate enough to clear the state board examinations.

Becoming a makeup artist one can land up a basic paying job with a salon or a parlor. The lucky and good ones can get picked up maybe by a film unit or a television channel at best. However, a cosmetologist has his own license and hence always has the option to start his own practice as he will be able to provide all the services at a single point.

1.To become a makeup artist no formal education is required however one needs to complete a cosmetology course to become a cosmetologist.
2.Makeup artists only work on makeup however cosmetologist can do hair, skin and nails.
3.No perquisites to do a makeup course however there are minimum qualifications for Cosmetologist course.
4.Makeup courses are just designed to teach the candidate basic makeup techniques however cosmetology course will generally get the candidate a degree.
5.Makeup artists can land a basic job after the course however the cosmetologist can start his own practice.

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  1. This article is completely misleading. To even use the statement, “Becoming a makeup artist one can land up a basic paying job with a salon or a parlor. The lucky and good ones can get picked up maybe by a film unit or a television channel at best.” is ridiculous and calls into serious question if this article is even written or researched by an industry professional. Artists are not “picked up by a television channel”. In addition, most film and tv unions require a diploma or degree (Yes, a degree!) from an intensive, accredited makeup school or university. Most of these schools teach hair styling, and some even teach the incredibly intricate, very niche skill of ventilating facial hair pieces and making hand-tied, human hair wigs – both fetching prices anywhere from $500 per piece to $6000…for 1 day – a couple of weeks worth of work. That’s the makeup artist. Makeup Artists also own Special FX Shops such as Spectral Motion (Most of Guillermo Del Toro’s films), Masters FX (True Blood), KNB (Walking Dead, Narnia).

    Many Makeup Artists also do hair – especially in non-union gigs such as editorial shoots, music videos, films, head shots…the list is very long.

    Need examples of real and professional schools where the artists are graduating and then going on to make incredible money? check out Cinema Makeup School, MUD, VFS, ACMUSE, Neill Gorton Studios…please provide accurate information before misleading would-be-students.

  2. As a cosmetolgist dropout because they didn’t touch base enough on makeup art or even nail care, which is what I was excited to do…. Huge let down. I am now a online makeup artist student & we can take classes for skin care & hair styling. We can not provide chemical services (hair dying ), hair cuts, or do nails. Which in my opinion nail techs are best for this not cosmetolgist because they studied just nail care for months. Yes, some makeup artist are self taught but there is classes provided & you get a diploma once finished. Unfortunately most don’t take these makeup courses because it’s not as well known or marketed plus all cost are out of own pocket while cosmetology, nail technicians, skin care technician, & message therapists are usually state funded and you can get a loan to assist you while you take these courses.
    PS I agree with above comment as well.

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