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There is a vast difference between education and intelligence. Both ideas involve knowledge; however, they are fundamentally different concepts.

Intelligence is an innate and natural ability that we are born with. It involves our natural abilities. Traditionally this was measured with an IQ or intelligence quotient quiz. Psychologists have in recent years come to consider the IQ test too limited to truly measure intelligence and Gardener’s multiple intelligences pedagogy has become more established.

Gardener’s multiple intelligences state that there are eight different types of intelligences, which we all have and are present in differing amounts. These intelligences include: visual, logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalist.

These intelligences are within us naturally in differing degrees and they can be further developed through education and training. Intelligence is therefore an internal force that governs our capacities and our limitations in acquiring skills in different areas.

Education is something that is provided by an external force, typically a teacher, tutor, mentor or parent. Education is what helps you to develop your natural intelligence in different ways. Many people have abilities in different areas that are made to shine, when they receive education. Others do not receive the right type of education and their abilities lie latent within them.

There are many people who are perfectly talented and capable in different ways that have not had the same educational opportunities as others and are therefore not perceived to be as intelligent.

Many people consider that if you know a lot of stuff then you are intelligent, but this is not necessarily the case, it is a reflection of the level or your education more than your actual intelligence level. Such people, if presented with the same amount of intellectual capital and education as others have received, would also come across as intelligent. Other people receive a fantastic education and perhaps due to limited intelligence do not take it on board.

Most leading educational institutions these days have adjusted their view of intelligence to be in line with Gardener’s theories. Teaching pedagogy and practice these days attempts to tap into people’s natural intelligences in order to teach concepts in a way that will be understood by that person. For example if trying to teach fractions to a musically intelligent person then you would sing a song about fractions and decimals.

The difference between education and intelligence is that intelligence is internal, they are skills and abilities that we have naturally in varying degrees and education is given to us externally through teachers, books, parents and so on. Intelligence is the material that teachers use to educate and shape us and develop our natural intelligence.

1. Intelligence is intrinsic and an internal force
2. Education is an extrinsic or external force provided by a third party
3. There are many different types of intelligence that are now recognized by psychologists
4. People can be intelligent, but uneducated and vice versa

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  1. Education is about training and developing the human mind, not awarding pieces of paper on the basis of sticking it out in college for a given period and handing in a set number of papers written to a more-or-less acceptable standard. It’s about being able to think independently and cogently, not spouting jargon and consultant-speak. In our mad haste to turn everyone into an ‘executive’ before the age of 30, we have produced a generation of highly-credentialed nitwits, full of jargon and BS and totally empty of real understanding of the roles they claim to be ready to fill. Management and leadership are practical skills that depend far more on character and understanding than paper qualifications.

  2. If you can interchange the meanings, the words become more meaningful.
    The word ‘Education’ came from two Latin words
    Edu and Cate
    Edu mean eque or bring
    Cate mean out
    Therefore Educate mean Brings Out
    What to bring out? Our own inner potential.
    (Let Teacher to access and find out a student whether he is a sport man, musician or thinker etc and help him to pursue for that goal. This is the duty of a real Teacher otherwise he is a torturer to his student)
    Education is not filling information it is taking out ones own inner capacities.
    Now it is not so. All schools are trying to fill information in to the students. The very purpose of education is forgotten.

    Please excuse me but it is true

    MN Pardhasaradhi

    • wait wait wait…. :
      “to educate” comes from the latin verb “educĕre” (which, as you said, means “to bring out”), but it derives from the union of “ē-“(“from, out, outside of”) and “dūcĕre” (“to lead”).
      nothing to do with edu+cate..

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  4. I think education has more to do with intelligence than what, a lot of people, nowadays, like to claim. Contrary to popular conception, doing well in school, is more than simply regurgitating material. It often requires higher concept formation, integration of ideas, a certain amount of creative elements (applied problems in math, writing a good english paper). It is not possible for someone to be doing well in school, and simply be good at ‘memorizing facts’. It is selection and integration of concepts, (ordering concepts) which make it difficult to do well in school. But the education system is garbage, as it fails a lot of intelligent and creative thinkers. It supports analyticity, with no respect for individual difference in how we develop our own ideas. 

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