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Difference Between Landscape and Portrait

Landscape and portrait are antonyms used in computing, printing, painting, and photography fields to refer to page orientations. They both refer to two different shapes and versions of a printout, image, or page, be it a hard or soft copy. To help most folks who are confused on which one they should refer to as portrait and which one to call landscape, here are the major differences between the two concepts.


What Does Landscape Refer To?

A landscape orientation means a horizontal display. When it comes to sizing, a landscaped page, image, or painting is taller in height but narrower in width. For example, when a photo is taken with a camera held straight up, it gets captured in landscape mode.

Other areas where a landscape portrait is required:

  • In notices that need to be rectangular.
  • In videos
  • On pictures of a wide subject or a large group of people.
  • On Facebook cover photos.


What Does Portrait Refer To?

A portrait orientation means a vertical display. In simple terms, a portrait page or image is shorter in height but wider in width. If you were taking a photograph and hold the camera at 90 degrees, the photo would be taken in portrait orientation.

Other areas that require portrait orientations:

  • Pictures of tall objects.
  • Pictures of a single person.
  • A phone’s lock screen image.
  • On Facebook’s profile photos.


Difference Between Landscape and Portrait

Meaning of Landscape Vs. Portrait

Landscape refers to an orientation where an image, drawing, painting, or page is in a horizontal display while portrait mode refers to an orientation where an image, photo, drawing, painting, or page is in a vertical orientation.

Orientation in Landscape Vs. in Portrait

In landscape orientation, the length is longer than the height while in portrait mode the length is shorter than the height.

Used in

A landscape orientation is used in:

  • Vast areas of land or water bodies.
  • A particular area of activity.
  • In videos
  • In photos of large groups of people.

A portrait orientation is used for:

  • Photos of single persons.
  • Images of tall objects.
  • Images of wide areas but with special shapes, like a meandering road or path.

Landscape Vs. Portrait: Comparison Table


Summary of Landscape Vs. Portrait

Both landscape and portrait orientations are useful when it comes to drawing, painting, photo shooting, or printing purposes. Even though they are intertwined, they are different from each other in terms of size and shape and where they are applied. However, they are both crucial when one wants to decide what is important for their documents, paintings, or photos.


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