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People like preserving things; flowers are dried, food is pickled, and images are taken of people, places, and events that are memorable or extraordinary. Pictures and photos are made of these events, things, and people with the intention of preserving their memories.

A picture is defined as a visual representation or image of a scene, a person, or a thing on a flat surface that is drawn, painted, or photographed. It is a graphic art that takes a clear image of what is being represented.

The word “picture” comes from Old English which was derived from the Latin word “pictura” which means “painting.” Its first recorded usage in the English language was during the 15th century.

It is a generic name for all types of visual representations of a subject that can range from objects, animals, people, scenery, or abstract images that are created with the use of colors, pens, pencils, paints, the printing press, and other mechanical, chemical or digital technology.

It can also refer to the mental process of creating an image of something or someone in the mind with the help of memory and recollection. It tries to recreate an image by using the hands of the artist which is a time-consuming and tedious process. Creating a picture, especially through painting and drawing, involves great commitment and talent from the artist. It takes time to create a work that is extraordinary which could become very valuable in time. There is also another way to create pictures and it is through photography.

The process of photography creates photos, pictures, or visual representations of different subjects which are taken with a camera. They are created with light and digital imaging technology after being taken or recorded by a camera.

The word “photo” or “photograph” comes from the Middle English word for the Latin word “pictura” which means “painting,” which was derived from “pictus” or “painted,” which is the past participle of “pingere” which means “to make pictures.” Its first recorded use was in the 1800s.

Although it is also created using the hands, it does not take exceptional talent to take a photo. It can be created in minutes and can be printed on any piece or kind of paper. A camera with a lens is used to capture an image which is then embedded on a photographic film, a CCD or CMOS chip.


1.A picture is a visual representation of an object, person, or a scene on a flat surface while a photo is a visual representation of any subject on any piece of paper.
2.A picture is usually made by hand, especially those that are drawn or painted, while a photo is taken with the use of the hands but with the camera actually creating it.
3.A picture can refer to all types of visual imaging while a photo is a type of picture.
4.Taking an image of something or someone through creating a picture needs talent and dedication because it takes a while to finish it while taking a photo takes only a few minutes.

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