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Difference Between Mood and Atmosphere

Mood vs Atmosphere

Writers, laymen and any other ordinary individual don’t mind about the similarity of the word meanings of ‘mood’ and ‘atmosphere.’ In fact, their definitions are almost the same that both terms are used interchangeably by many. With this, it is safe to say that there really is no concrete difference between the two words although their can be some subjective disparities with both.

In professional writing, one can say that there is a mild difference with the two. Mood can be the ones that is more inclined to the writer, poet and or author of a novel or book. So if the poet or writer is happy then the mood is also a happy one. Atmosphere on the contrary, is something that is not directly described to the poet or writer. Hence, if the poet was originally happy then the atmosphere can be bright and gay. In this instance, it is the atmosphere which was created by the mood. It is a very pervasive mood!

In common usage, you can also see some subjective differences when one can feel or detect a certain mood with the people around him or her. For example, when an ordinary customer will go inside a restaurant to dine then he can observe that the people around him are either happy or sad. Thus, if it’s the former then it is also expected that he can sense a certain positive aura or atmosphere in the air upon entering the said restaurant. A happy mood from happy people creates a positive, bright and happy atmosphere. Conversely, if it’s the latter then he will most likely notice that the atmosphere is dark, sad and quiet. It is really impossible to generate a sad atmosphere among purely happy individuals.

Lastly if you may have noticed, the word atmosphere is actually a term that is broader in scope. Like when one refers to the emotions filling in a certain vicinity like the theater for example during a movie airing or theatrical show then it is more appropriate to say that the general atmosphere has been good and lively rather than saying that the mood has been good and lively. If you’ll use the term mood, it is more appropriate to use it at a narrower subject like to a certain person, persons or group of persons but not entirely the emotions radiating throughout the venue.

All in all:

1. Mood is more direct to the poet or writer whereas atmosphere is more indirect.

2. Atmosphere is created by mood and not vice versa.

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