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Too vs. to

When listening to the words to and too, they sound the same, but they are both very different words. To and too have significant difference. Too is an adverb while to is a preposition or adverb. Misusing the words to and too may actually lead to wrong construction of sentence.

Here are some examples of how to use the word “to”. First you can use the word as a direction. If something is headed towards something, then “to” is the best word to use. For example: She is going to the kitchen.

Another way of using “to” is when you want to point out how far something reaches, you can also use the word “to”. An example of this is: The race started from the first avenue to the 9th.

Then you can also use “to” when something reaches a particular state. For example: What started as friendship turned to love. The word “to” is also used in indicating a limitation, for example: His grades turned from 75% to 100%.

“To” can also be used before the beginning of something. It can also be used when someone receives something. An example for this is: I gave it to you; when someone is related, the word “to” may be used. For example: He is affiliated to a gang. There are so many other ways to use the word “to” that is why its true essence are often mistaken to be used with what it’s commonly mistaken with: “too”. The word “to” can be used as a preposition, marker and also as an adverb.

After knowing the uses of “to”, it is best to know how to use the word “too” The word “too” is used in a sense that there is something more. “Too” is used as an adverb or adjective. Here are some ways of how to use the word “too” First you can place it at the end of the sentence indicating that someone or something wants and must be included. For example: He wants to be successful too. You can also use “too” for superlative, or something more. An example for this is: It’s too cold. “Too” also means together or with. There are so many other ways in using “too”. Knowing how to use and when to use this word is also very important.

It will be best if you know how to use the words “to” and “too” in the right way, because this will help in the communication of people. If the grammar is wrong because of the words “to” and “too”, then there will be a big loss when it comes to communicating important information to other people. “To” and “too” are very fun to learn. You just have to be patient about it.


1. “To” is an adverb, preposition or marker, while “too” is just an adverb.

2. There are so many various ways in using the words”to” and “too”.

3. Both of “to” and “too” complete the structure of a sentence and corrects the wrong grammar.

4. Both can be placed in various parts of the sentence to deliver the right thought being communicated to the other person.

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