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Difference Between To and Too

too1Both to and too are parts of English grammar but with stark differences. To is used as a preposition, adverb and marker while too is used as an adverb.

To is used to imply the following:

  • in the direction of something or towards something, for example, I walked to the table located in the direction.
  • mentioned from something, for example, Place the cursor to the left of the column
  • as far as something, for example, the meadows led down to the river.
  • reaching a particular state, for example, the food was cooked to perfection.
  • to show the end of a limit or time, for example, a drop in profits from $25 to $1 million
  • before the start of something, for example, how long to lunch.
  • used to show a receiver, for example, he gave it to his sister.
  • affected by something, for example, she is devoted to her husband.
  • attachment or connection of two things, for example, attach this poster to the front of the windshield.
  • a relationship, for example, she is married to an American.
  • as an infinitive marker, for example, I am going to tell you her intention
  • one action after another, for example, I reached the station only to see my train had already left.

On the other hand, too is used before adverbs and adjectives to say that something is more than good, necessary, possible etc for example, he is far too young to go on without me.

  • Too is also used to imply the following:
  • at the end of a sentence to mean also, for example, can I come too?.
  • comment on something that makes it worse, for example, she broke her leg last week and on her birthday too.
  • very, for example, I am not too sure if this is the right thing to do.

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