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Difference Between Harvard College and Harvard University

Harvard College vs Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the leading universities in the world. It is a private Ivy League university that lists some of the world’s most distinguished political, athletic, artistic, and academic personalities that include the current President of the USA, President Barack Obama.

It has a long history and is the oldest university in the USA. It was not known as Harvard University then but as New College. New College was founded in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was renamed Harvard College in 1639 in honor of John Harvard who left his library and half of his estate to the college. In 1642 it graduated its first students.
It initially trained clergy of the Congregational and Unitarian churches, and it gradually became secular and a favorite of the Boston elite. It became one of the most admired universities in the world. In 1650 it became the first chartered corporation in the United States.

Today, Harvard College bestows three undergraduate degrees, the Artium Baccalaureus (AB), Scientiarum Baccalaureus (SB), and a planned engineering undergraduate degree. It offers 46 fields of concentration or majors.
It allows students to study two fields of concentration provided that they are related subjects, and they can also have secondary fields or minors. There are also special concentrations in biology, psychology, linguistics, anthropology, and other fields. As it granted higher degrees to students, it earned the name Harvard University. The term “Harvard College” is then used to refer to the undergraduate division of Harvard University which comprises exceptional schools that teach a variety of subjects.

Harvard University now has several faculties and schools, namely: Harvard Medical School, School of Dental Medicine, Divinity, Law, and Business Schools, Graduate School of Design and Education, School of Public Health, and the Kennedy School of Government.

It also has the Faculty of Arts and Sciences which include the School of Engineering and Applied Science which serves Harvard College, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the Harvard Division of Continuing Education which includes Harvard Summer and Extension Schools.
Previously, Harvard College was governed by the President and Fellows of Harvard College of the Harvard Corporation which also governs Harvard University. Today, Harvard University is also currently governed by the Harvard Board of Overseers.


1.Harvard College is the old name given to Harvard University in honor of its benefactor, John Harvard.
2.Harvard College first trained the clergy of several churches. And as it became more secular and offered higher degrees to students, its name was changed to Harvard University.
3.Today, Harvard College is the undergraduate division of Harvard University that grants degrees in Artium 4.Baccalaureus (AB) and Scientiarum Baccalaureus (SB) while Harvard University also grants graduate, baccalaureate, masters, doctoral, and professional degrees.
5.During the time that it was still called Harvard College, it only had one governing body, the President and Fellows of 6.Harvard College of the Harvard Corporation. Today, as Harvard University, it is also governed by the Harvard Board of Overseers together with the Harvard Corporation.

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