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Difference Between Juice and Syrup

Juice vs Syrup

Many have tried using the words “syrup” and “juice” interchangeably. However, this shouldn’t be done. Juice is very different from syrup. To begin with, juice is the extracted fluid from the pulp of the fruit. So when you mechanically crush the pulp, you’ll end up having the juice. Derived from the Latin term “jus,” juice is literally the liquid component of fruits and vegetables.

By contrast, syrups are usually thicker and more viscous than juices. Dissolved sugars comprise a big percentage in syrup’s composition. In fact, it is a preparation made when you dissolve sugar using boiling water. One can also dissolve natural juices like maple and sorghum juices to create syrups.

Syrups are artificial, sweet liquid preparations while juice is a more natural liquid coming from fruits or vegetables. However, if you examine thoroughly the components of the juice, you might be surprised that it is still composed of many natural sugars. This is the reason why most juices come as sweet liquid drinks. On top of that, juices contain many health-giving nutrients from the original fruit or vegetable it was taken from. The only downside is that the fiber in the fruit is usually not included in the juice.

In making syrups, you need to put in the mixture some additional sugars and artificial sweeteners. The liquids coming from preserved fruits are also syrups. This means that syrups are like processed juices. In this connection, they generally last longer compared to ordinary juices which will easily go to waste if not used. However, the advantage of having a longer shelf life (most likely because of the addition of preservatives) doesn’t really win the battle of consumer choice since most processed syrups lack the essential nutrients that are normally present in juices. Nevertheless, syrup manufacturers can easily add artificial nutrients to beef up the health content of their products.

Lastly, some syrups are now made sugar-free. This is done by incorporating sugar substitutes such as glycerol and sorbitol to take the place of ordinary sugars.


1.Juice is the liquid extracted from the pulp of the fruit or vegetable; no heat is involved in the process.
2.Syrup is made by placing sugar into boiling water thereby dissolving it. The process usually involves heat.
3.Syrups are usually more viscous that natural juices due to the presence of dissolved sugars.
4.Juice is a more natural preparation that contains most of the original nutrients coming from the fruit or vegetable it was taken from. Syrups are more artificial in nature.

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