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Producer vs Executive Producer

In the entertainment industry, job titles really matter alongside sheer talent. That’s why there are many positions to be filled first before a production firm starts making a movie. Two of the most important roles are the executive producer and the producer.

Whether on theater, film, or TV, the producer is part of the business segment of the entire production. He will most likely spearhead the technical aspects of the film so as to complete the project on hand. He hires the entire film crew, the cast, and also the director. He manages most of the film operations every single day. The producer can either use his very own production firm or he can be signed to a bigger studio. If it’s the latter, he can get independent contractors to help in various aspects of the film. The producer is usually the one who is very involved with the project from the assessment of the script up to the final legwork done for film promotion.

In major film productions, the executive producer title can be given to the CEO of a studio. It can also be handed over to someone who has invested greatly to the making of the film as an honorary title. For those who really have the biggest bucks to back the entire production, he can also easily serve in the role as an executive producer. In this regard, he will have to take charge of the entire creative, administrative, and financial aspects of filmmaking. The technical aspects will usually be reserved for the other positions.

The film company can hire a very seasoned producer to become the executive producer. With this, the film will gain financial momentum as big names are usually attached to the executive role like Steven Spielberg. This brings more confidence to the film investors and advertisers. This also explains why Spielberg is able to executively produce almost a dozen films in a single year. With him in the film credits, one of the most important reasons why there’s an executive producer is fulfilled – he is the “money-maker” of the project as he is in the best position to draw in the financial resources needed to finish the film. Lastly, favored actors or actresses and other popular leads in the film can also act as the executive producer thereby creating more buzz and improving the popularity of the film overall.


1.The executive producer is usually a more famous figure than the producer.
2.The executive producer is usually the head of the film company or just an honorary title given to someone who has great contributions to the project.
3.The producer is more hands-on with the entire production from start to finish.
4.The executive producer is usually not that involved in the technical matters of the project unlike the producer.
5.The executive producer is the business head of the project.

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