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Sell vs Sale

There is not a day when a person does not have to buy something either for his own or for other people’s use. Food products such as vegetables, meat, fruits, milk, bread, and fish are needed every day so people buy them at stores that sell them.

For items such as clothes, shoes, bags, furniture, and fixtures, people look out for a sale where they sell these goods at discounted prices. “Sell” and “sale,” therefore, are two words that people encounter every day, and there is confusion as to their proper usage.
The word “sell” is a verb which means “to transfer possession and ownership of goods or property in exchange for money.” It means bartering goods for an equivalent value in money after which the ownership of the goods is relinquished by the seller to the buyer. It may also mean advertising or persuading consumers to buy a certain product or service. An auction is one way to sell a product and so are joining bazaars and displaying goods in stores and other marketplaces.

To sell, therefore, is the act of convincing consumers to buy something. It may either be in cash or credit. Selling goods in cash requires cash payments in exchange for them. Selling them in credit the goods are given to the buyer in exchange for a promise to pay at a future date.

When the seller and the buyer have agreed on a price and the transaction is completed, it is called a sale. The word “sale” is a noun that refers to the act or the process of selling. It deals with the overall process of selling and of goods being available for buying. It may also mean as an event when people can buy goods at reduced prices. Here are some of the different types of sales: closeout sale, cut-rate sale, sell-off sale, realization sale, clearance sale, garage sale, rummage sale, boot sale, fair, bazaar, and going-out-of-business sale.

A sale may also be conditional as in the case of selling real property. The buyer will only receive the title to the property upon the full payment of his obligation. Properties may also be sold by a court sheriff to satisfy an unpaid obligation. This is called a judicial or forced sale.


1.“Sell” is a verb that is used to refer to the act of convincing people to purchase certain goods or services while “sale” is a noun that is used to refer to the process of selling goods and services.
2.Both “sell” and “sale” refer to the barter of goods in exchange for an equivalent monetary value. While “sell” is the act of persuading people to buy, a sale is when the transaction is completed and both the buyer and the seller have agreed to the sales agreement.
3.A seller may sell goods in cash or credit. So the sale can either be a cash sale or a credit sale.
4.The activity to sell goods always precedes a sale.

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