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Difference Between Sales and Service

Sales and services are one of the most fundamental features of any business. Although they may sound similar, they are different in many ways, as the role and purpose of each one of them is different from the other. 


What is Sale?

A sale is an act of selling goods and services, usually with an aim of gaining profit. Sales mostly involve sales agents.

For example, in the sale of a house, the sales representative provides the customer with the full details pertaining the house, and the benefits it possesses as opposed to other houses. 


What is Service?

A service is a support provided to a customer, after buying goods or services. A service can, however, take place before or while the sale is ongoing, so as to increase customer satisfaction. It aims at preventing customer challenges with a product, guiding implementation, assisting in upsells, creating a bond with the product, and basically answering detailed questions.

For instance, when a person buys a mobile phone, the customer service representatives provides a guarantee to ensure the mobile phone has no defects when being used up to a certain period of time. If any defects were noted within the course of the period, then they would replace the phone with a non-defective one.


Similarities Between Sales and Services

  • Both sales and services can both resort in repeat sales by attracting new customers. 
  • Both are beneficial for business because they enhance smooth business continuity.
  • Both bring in indirect customers to support and use various products and services. 


Differences Between Sales and Services


The main aim of a sale is selling so as to generate profit. A service, on the other hand, aims at supporting new and old customers with a product they already have or use, in order to increase customer satisfaction.


While there is always a sales target expected from the sales agents, it is a different case with a service. A service does not always have a sales target, as long as the customers are satisfied with the products or services offered.

New Customers

The main aim of a sale is profit maximization, which is effetely achieved through massive sales. Sales persons will hence work at attracting new clients. Services, on the other hand, may attract new clients but through customer will and goodwill.

Customers Happiness and Satisfaction

As it is generally known, sales do not necessarily aim at keeping the customer happy regarding a sale made. A service, however, aims at keeping the customer happy and addressing all concerns, if any.

Pre-Interaction with Customer

For a sale, there has to be previous interaction with a customer before a sale is made. This is different with a service as the interaction is after a sale is made.

Sales Vs Services: Comparison Table


Summary of Sales Vs Services

For any business to thrive, it needs both of these functions in ensure sales are made and customers are retained. 

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  1. Good job ,the difference are short and easy to understand.

  2. How interesting that you mention the difference between customer service and sales and keeping customers happy. I want to start a new business this summer. I will find a reputable telephone answering service in my area as well for this.

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