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Difference Between Voyage and Journey

Voyage vs Journey

“Voyage” and “journey” are two words related to the word “travel.” “Travel” means “going from one particular place to another place.” “Journey” refers to a lone piece of travel. “Voyage” refers to a long journey, especially by ship.

“Journey” refers to a single or lone piece of travel. It means traveling from one place to another place. For example, The journey from England to France can be done by train. It can be a short journey which is referred to as a trip, or a long journey. “Journey” can be used as a verb too in place of “travel,” but it sounds very poetic and formal. For example, They journeyed across the desert.

There are many words which are used to describe different types of journeys, for example:

Odyssey-Which refers to an eventful, long, wandering journey.
Expedition-Refers to a journey which is organized for some particular purpose.
Commute-Refers to a daily or regular journey from one’s place of work to home.
Excursion-Refers to a journey which is particularly for pleasure.
Schlep-Refers to a difficult and tedious journey.

These are just a few words which are used in place of “journey” to describe a very particular type of journey. “Journey” is used metaphorically also which does not actually describe the journey of a person from one place to another but the events happening in the life of a person, for example, The journey of one’s life, or life itself described as a long journey.

“Voyage” refers to a long journey mainly to a distant place or foreign place especially by the sea. The word “voyage” is not often used in modern times but historically. Voyages were very significant. For example, Christopher Columbus discovered American mainland in his third voyage. People traveled by sea to all foreign lands for trade, pleasure, adventure, etc. Wars were won and lost on the sea. Nations were built and destroyed by the power of the fleet possessed by a nation.

There are many words which are used in place of “voyage,” for example:

Cruise-Which refers to an ocean trip taken especially for pleasure.
Crossing-It refers to a voyage across the Atlantic ocean not specifically said but understood.

There are many other words similar to these words which specifically express a journey by sea.


1.“Journey” refers to a single or lone piece of travel; “voyage” refers to a long journey mainly to a distant place or foreign place especially by the sea.
2.“Journey” is a word which is very often used in the modern world; “voyage” is not often used in the modern world but was very significant historically.

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    1. Thanks for the giggle. Reading through the definitions of journey and come upon “schlep”. Hilarious that you should include this Yiddish idiom.

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