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Difference Between Ocean Liner and Cruise Ship

Ocean Liner vs Cruise Ship

Ships have been around since the Neolithic Period. In fishing and hunting, early man used canoes made from hollowed tree logs. The Egyptians were the first to use wooden planks in ships which allowed them to build larger and sturdier ships, paving the way for world navigation.

Ships were primarily made for the military and for commerce. Today, ships are not only used by the armed forces of most countries but are also vital for world trade and commerce. There are also ships that are used to transport passengers from one place to another. These are called ocean liners.

An ocean liner is used for transoceanic travel and has a regular route. Since it is meant for long-distance sea travel, it is equipped with a large storage area and fuel capacity. It is built strongly to enable it to withstand even the most unfavorable weather conditions.

It is not only intended to carry people but also to carry cargo and mail. It is designed for a maximum number of passengers and cargo capacity, faster speed, and it is stronger and has a much higher standard than a cruise ship.
A cruise ship is a passenger ship intended for travel and pleasure. People travel by cruise ships when they are on vacation, usually getting on it at a certain port, stopping by at several other ports then returning back to their port of origin.
It has a slower speed but has many fine features such as; restaurants, bars, nightclubs, spas, fitness centers, shops, theaters, cinemas, gyms, tennis or basketball courts, video arcades, and indoor or outdoor swimming pools. It functions like a hotel with additional staff aside from the crew.
Some cruise ships are former ocean liners which were also used during World War II to transport soldiers and used as hospitals for wounded soldiers. This is the reason why most cruise ships have diminished sea worthiness than ocean liners.
Today, both cruise ships and ocean liners are competing for passengers who want to experience pleasure while travelling at sea.


1.Both an ocean liner and a cruise ship are used for long-distance sea travel, but cruise ships are meant for passengers only while ocean liners are also used to carry cargo and mail among other things.
2.A cruise ship has a regular route and usually returns its passengers back to the port where they came from while an ocean liner usually lets off passengers to their various destinations.
3.An ocean liner travels faster, is built stronger, and has a higher standard while a cruise ship has a slower speed and does not have a large cargo capacity like an ocean liner.
4.A cruise ship has more amenities resembling a hotel with features such as; bars, restaurants, sports facilities, shops, and spas while an ocean liner may or may not have any of these features.
5.An ocean liner usually travels to places that are farther away, taking several weeks or even months before it can reach its destination while a cruise ship takes a much shorter time.

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