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Wealthy vs Rich

Who does not want to become rich or wealthy? Every single person would want to be able to live in affluence and to never have to worry about where to get the things necessary for day-to-day living and become wealthy and rich.

Being wealthy is the state of having an abundance of valuable goods, resources, and other material possessions. It is when an individual is able to provide his family and himself with everything that they need and is left with a lot more for luxuries. It is synonymous with affluence, abundance, and opulence. A person becomes wealthy by earning it through working, or it can be inherited from his parents. Whichever way he may acquire it, being wealthy means a life of ease and luxury.

A wealthy individual has in his possession properties such as real estate, buildings, business holdings, and a more-than-adequate supply of money which he can spend any way he sees fit. The word “wealthy” comes from the base word “wealth” which was derived from the Middle English word “wele” which means “well-being.” Its first known use in the English language was in the 14th century to refer to wealthy persons.

Another term which is used to describe people who possess an abundance of material wealth is “rich.” When one talks about a rich individual, what comes to mind is the picture of huge amounts of money. It is usually used to refer to a group of individuals who possess wealth and riches. It is used to refer to people who are worth a lot of money, but it may also be used to describe an individual’s qualities.

When one says “a rich soil,” it means that it is very productive and gives farmers huge harvests. It may also mean that it has a high concentration of minerals and other precious metals or stones.

In terms of material possessions, some say that a rich man’s riches are only good while the money lasts whereas a wealthy individual’s wealth will usually last longer because he possesses knowledge on how to generate wealth and how to make it last.

One can become rich instantly through winning in gambling or the lottery, but he can easily lose it if he does not use it wisely. Otherwise he can learn how to make it generate more income, and in time he will become a wealthy person. The word “rich” comes from the Old English word “rice” which means “powerful or wealthy” which was influenced by the Old French word “riche” and the Germanic word “riki” meaning “powerful.”


1.Wealthy is the state of having an abundance of material possessions and money while rich is the state of having a huge amount of money in one’s possession and of living a privileged life.
2.A rich man can easily become poor if he doe not know how to manage his riches while the wealth of a wealthy person usually lasts because he knows how to manage his wealth.

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