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Rich vs Poor

Nowhere is the difference between “rich” and “poor” more distinct than in societies or countries which are underdeveloped or are still developing. The gap between the rich and poor is very wide in these places and narrowing it seems impossible. While there are people who are born rich, having been born into a rich family; some become rich because of hard work and perseverance. Still, others become rich by taking advantage of certain circumstances, by making things happen instead of waiting for them to happen.

Then again, what makes a poor man and what makes one rich? A rich man is described as one with an abundant supply of resources and funds. He has every material thing that he needs and more. He may own a large house or several houses and vehicles. In a rich man’s house, food is always on the table, and servants are always there to take care of his needs as well as of his family’s. The children go to school, wear nice clothes, and are given great opportunities to become as rich as their parents or become successful themselves.

The word “rich” is synonymous with the words “wealthy, affluent, and well-to-do,” all of which refer to a life that is financially stable, luxurious surroundings, and a high standard of living with social privileges and prestige. It comes from the Old English word “rice” which means “mighty, powerful, and wealthy.” It comes from the Proto-Germanic word “reiks” meaning “ruler and powerful.”

The word “poor,” on the other hand, comes from the Old French words “poure” or” pauvre” from the Latin word “pauper” which means “poor.” It is synonymous with the words: “indigent, needy, destitute, penniless, impoverished, and poverty stricken.” These words are used to refer to the condition of lacking the comforts of life, being unable to take care of the basic needs like food and shelter.

A poor man is defined as one who has little or no money at all with no means to support his family. Sometimes he even has no shelter or clothing for protection from the heat and cold. He has to work hard in order to put food on the table. A poor man’s children may not be able to go to school because they lack the resources for it, and sometimes they even have to work in order to help the family survive. While most children from poor families become poor adults themselves, some rise above poverty through hard work.

These are the material aspects of the concepts of rich and poor, but there is also the spiritual aspect wherein one is rich if he is closer to God, serving Him and His people. This way even a poor man is considered rich especially if his life at home is in accordance with what God wanted his life to be.


1.Poor is the condition wherein one lacks in material things while rich is the condition wherein one has every material thing he needs.
2.Rich is when there is always food on the table, the family’s needs are taken care of, and luxuries are enjoyed while poor is when even food is scarce and everyone has to work hard for the family to survive, even the children.

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