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Difference Between Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Arts vs Bachelor of Science

Degrees in college are all different. Some fall under the Bachelor of Science and others under the Bachelor of Arts. At a glance, the differences of these two are not hard to pinpoint. From the title alone, it could be presumed that a B.A. degree is a study of arts and its forms, while a B.S. degree would be concerned with the complexities of Science.

Explaining the differences of the two further, we could say that with a Bachelor of Arts, interdisciplinary courses are studied to help students supplement their learning within their concentration. The Bachelor of Science, on the other hand, deals with the more technical ideas involving Science and Mathematics.

B.A is from the Latin, atrium baccalaureus. Bachelor of Arts courses emphasize theoretical and general knowledge, humanities, interdisciplinary fields and liberal arts. Most of the time, a student taking up a Bachelor of Arts degree needs to take a foreign language component to complete the degree. People who are more into arts and rhetoric are advised to take up a Bachelor of Arts Degree. However, there is the option to do a dual degree which includes both the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degree.

B.S is from the Latin, Scientiæ Baccalaureus. Bachelor of Science degrees involve a considerable amount of scientific experiments and mathematical equations.Some of the fields that can be majored in under the Bachelor of Science program are Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Biology, while Bachelor of Arts degree holders are majors in liberal arts like Political Science, Education, Social Studies and English. There are some majors that are either Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, for example Psychology.

Students taking up Bachelor of Science in Psychology are bombarded with a lot of laboratory classes and also take science and statistics classes. They are trained to become more computer-oriented, knowledgeable with technology and other practical skills needed for a particular discipline within the field. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, on the other hand, is focused on interdisciplinary fields and professional study.
In terms of curriculum, the Bachelor of Science degrees tend to be more specialized than the their Arts counterparts. This is because more quantitative and laboratory classes are needed for Bachelor of Science students to become fully capable after college. Bachelor of Arts students are trained to become well-rounded, which is why general education courses are abundant. People who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts can seek employment in various fields and types of work. For example, an English major can later work as an educator, teacher or journalist.
In most European Union countries and in Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, India, New Zealand, the Caribbean and Africa, among others, Bachelor of Arts programs last for three years. This is one year less than the requirement in countries such as the United States, Scotland, Philippines, Canada, Latin America, Japan, Brazil, the Russian Federation, Turkey and Bangladesh.
Both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees can be mastered later on. This allows the degree holders to have focus on more extensive studies to help them become more knowledgeable. However, a Bachelor of Science degree holder may take up Master’s Degree in Arts. An example is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate taking up Master of Arts in Nursing, although he or she may of course take up M.S. Nursing.

1. Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs are offered fromr three to five years depending on the country.
2. Bachelor of Arts degrees train a person to become well-rounded, thus a lot of interdisciplinary courses must be taken.
3. Bachelor of Science degrees aims to help a person specialize in a certain field. This is the reason why Bachelor of Science degrees have a lot of laboratory work, experiments and applications of scientific and mathematical theories.

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  1. Whole lot of words to usurp the basic facts. Science degree holders deal with objective (observable) facts, while Arts degree holders deal in subjectivity, aka sophistry.
    Not hard to tell which of these wrote the trip I just read.

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