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Differences Between Psychology BA and BS

Psychology BA vs BS

Before we tackle the differences between a BA in Psychology or a BS in Psychology, it is best to define certain terms, like BA and BS. BA stands for Bachelor of Arts. BS, on the other hand, stands for Bachelor in Science. With that being said, a BA degree in Psychology or a BS degree in Psychology is what this article aims to tackle and properly differentiate.

Without including the difference of universities and what their curriculums would cover, the main differences between a BA in Psychology and a BS in Psychology is the main topic. Like any university or college student, it is always best to thoroughly peruse the core subjects each degree would be offering, as well as the subject matter courses and electives.

When a course is offered with a degree in Bachelor of Arts, the focus is more on liberal arts general education. In most universities, a foreign language is a must take subject.

On the other hand, when a course is offered with a degree in Bachelor of Sciences, the focus is more on the sciences and mathematics courses. This means when you would be taking up a BS in Psychology, there would be more laboratory and statistics as part of the course subjects in its general education classes. At the same time, a BS degree would focus on research methods and applied psychology.

Let’s talk about the differences a BA versus a BS would offer.

Educational experts as well as professors would probably say that a BS degree would have more flexibility.

A BS degree offers more opportunities.

What are the advantages of a BA degree in Psychology?

Now comes a more interesting topic because one reading this article would assume that a BS is actually better then. On the contrary, a BA degree in Psychology is a very good choice for those whose strong interest in Psychology does not focus and concentrate on Psychology per se, but as another discipline and would probably want to study another discipline. In other words, those individuals who would wish to pursue law, education, journalism, and even business would definitely do very well having a pre-course like a BA degree in Psychology.

What are the advantages of a BS degree in Psychology?

A BS degree in Psychology is an excellent stepping stone for someone who wants to have a career in Psychology. If one wishes to further graduate studies in Psychology, being well-equipped with the preparations for this course as a science is a must-do. Because of the extensive studies in Biological Science, as well as being taught the research methodologies, the individual who wishes to become a clinical psychologist would have a very strong foundation with this as a degree.


A degree in BA in Psychology is more related to the social aspects in the study of human behavior as well as the psychological function. A degree in BS Psychology is more on the biological and biochemical aspects of behavioral and mental function.

A degree in BS Psychology concentrates more on biological and physical sciences.
A degree in BA Psychology is more humanities focused.
A degree in BS Psychology is more science based.
A degree in BS Psychology is more career oriented, while those who wish to take up a degree in BA Psychology are more keen on continuing education as their focus.

While these differences touch base on the more obvious facts and details as we try to differ the course, whether you take a BA or BS in Psychology, the bottom line is that each course is unique in its own right and would most definitely help the individual learn more about this chosen field. As you graduate and earn your degree, you would be able to come to a realization what your plans would be once you finish the course. Whether you wish to continue and further your education, you would be able to determine such need as you earn your degree.

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