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Race vs Culture

Race and culture refers to people, groups, and their classifications although both words are very different in how they classify people. To start with the concept of race and culture, it is important to know what each of them mean. “Race” is a classification of people according to their physical appearances, geographic ancestry, and heritable characteristics. “Culture” is a classification of people according to their beliefs and values that include spirituality, religion, region, language, and livelihoods.

“Race” is acquired genes and physical characteristics. Like when your parents are black, of course you are black too. Or if your parents are Asian, then you definitely will be an Asian too. While for “culture,” these are not transmitted by genes but through symbols made by humans that gave meaning to it.

“Race” is a label given to people based on their physical characteristics and skin tone while culture is a shared belief and values such as the notion of good versus bad and right versus wrong.

A person’s race can be determined through their physical traits and through their biological family. It is a label that is given to someone whether they want it or not. Culture can be determined on how we express ourselves, on our spiritual beliefs, and how we see things. It is not based on physical characteristics but the way of life of a person.

There are also many conflicts under race and culture, such us discrimination among the two different parties. People criticize other people with different races and label them with unpleasant words which is called racism. In “culture,” people also criticize other people with different beliefs and values with conflicting ideas on the moral code resulting in a cultural war. The only way to avoid such conflicts is when people respect the race and culture of others.

In conclusion, “race” is based on physical appearance while “culture” is based on beliefs, values, and life symbols. People with the same race may have different cultures, and people with the same culture may have different races.


1. Race and culture are both classifications of people.
2. “Race” is classified according to physical appearances while “culture” is classified according to the beliefs and values of people.
3. Race is hereditary while culture is not transmitted through genes but through symbols.
4. “Race” is a label given to people based on their appearance while “culture” are shared beliefs and values.
5. A person’s race can be determined through their physical appearance and skin tone while culture and be determined in the expressing of oneself, spirituality, and perception.
6. Racism is labeling people with unpleasant names related to their physical characteristics. Culture wars occur when there are conflicts between the beliefs and values of two different groups.
7. Respect will resolve all the conflicts of race and culture.
7. People with the same race can have a different culture while people with the same culture can have different races.
8. In conclusion, “race” is based on physical appearance while “culture” is based on beliefs, values, and symbols.

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  1. Still don’t understand the difference between culture and race.

    • Welcome to the confusion. There is only one race and it is human. The scientifically proven racial differences are 0.2%. Wow, amazingly small. How can one person call another a racists with such incredibly tiny real differences? What a stupid thing to call someone. Culture is the environment one is raised in. America now has so many different cultures interacting it is a mess. No one knows how we should act. No one can change their race. Understanding we are all one race living within different culture. Some good, some not so much. The threats to the human race are very different than threats to American culture.

      • Yeah, 0.2% may not sound that much until you realize that the difference between human and chimpanzee is only 1.2%. There are biological differences between groups of people, races if you will. That’s why we see for instance black sprinters dominating in the Olympics or many great Chess players being Ashkenazi Jews which has a IQ of 110–115 on average.

        It doesn’t take a genius to realize that a group of people that has 100 IQ on average will form a different culture, a better culture, than a group of people that has 80 IQ on average. Which is why completely separating ethnicity/race and culture is wrong. The culture comes from the people. It doesn’t magically appear from nothing.

      • Race might not be real, or better yet racial differences may not be real. But racism is definitely real. Racism classism, sexism, ageist attitudes, they are all about power. Those in power typically want to stay there, so we subordinates have to be controlled. Putting us in color coded categories makes it easier for those in authority to rule over us. And trick us into liking it.

      • A dog is a race… but I assure you different breeds of dogs are vastly different from each other in Genes, Looks, Intelligence and mannerisms..

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