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Differences Between Etruscans and Romans

Etruscans vs Romans

Do you ever wonder how human civilizations began? How did a place became populated with several people? Usually, a new civilization will sprout from a previous civilization. For example, there were only the common red apples in the beginning. But as time progressed, there came the emergence of green apples. The main parent of the green apple is the red apple. This is just an example. I am not claiming that green apples were brought into existence because of red apples.

The Roman civilization, or the Romans, were greatly influenced by the Etruscans. Here’s how the story goes. Let us find out about the differences between Etruscans and Romans.

According to the long record of history, the Etruscan civilization was said to be the highest civilization in the land of Italy. They came first before the rise of Rome. Their territory was around the northwest of the Tiber River, now known as Tuscany and some parts of Umbria. This small territory soon became the famous city of Rome. Archaeologists and historians theorized that the Etruscans were originally from the land of Lydia in Asia Minor, and they just settled in the coasts of the Tiber River.

They came to the Tiber River because they had experienced famine in the land of Lydia. When they were still in Lydia, they didn’t have enough food to eat. The only solution they came up with was to eat only during the even-numbered days. In that way, they could save more food for the coming days. However, this was not enough to let them live for a very long time. They decided to leave the place, and only half of them were left. Their journey to Italy was led by Tarquis, their king’s son.

When they came to the northern part of Italy, they began to build their homes on hilltops surrounded by thick walls. They were known as the people from the sea. The Etruscans were greatly respected and admired by many because of their good trade. In the field of farming, they had grown wheat, barley, grapes, and millet. They were also the first ones to introduce wine in Italy. In terms of livestock, the Etruscans raised cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, and ducks.  Some Etruscans were pirates, and they were feared by many. By 600 BC, the Etruscans had dominated the northern part of Italy.

However, their reign over the land did not last. The Romans already began to move around 500 BC. They didn’t like being enslaved by the Etruscans anymore, so they decided to drive the Etruscans away. During that time, their king was Etruscan. Though the Etruscan king was doing well for the poor people, the Roman aristocrats were not satisfied. They thought of a way to bring down the Etruscan king. They pleaded with the poor people to help them. They got their help by promising the poor to also get power in their planned new government. They had a successful mission to bring down the Etruscan king. However, the poor were only tricked by the rich. With that, the poor people went on a strike. The aristocrats had no choice, so they gave the poor men the right to vote.

The Romans began their conquest of beating all the Etruscan empires. Soon, the cities of the Etruscans fell into the hands of the Romans. That was the end of the line for Etruscans. The Romans dominated the middle part of Italy.


  1. Archaeologists and historians believed that the Etruscans were originally from the land of Lydia in Asia Minor.

  2. Etruscans ruled the northern part of Italy around 600 BC and had greatly influenced the Romans in their culture.

  3. The Romans decided to put an end to the Etruscan rule.

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  1. Your information about the origin of the Etruscans is out-of-date. Historians now believe that they were an ancient Villanovan culture in northern Italy. Greek traders came to obtain the rich iron ore in Etruria and in turn influenced Etruscan culture (pottery techniques, styles of culture, etc.) Please do further research and revise this site.

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