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  1. jkbh
    May 21, 2010

    nice explanation!


    • jkbh
      May 21, 2010

      were these real? did this ever really happen?”


  2. Hannah
    October 29, 2012

    WRONG….Achilles MOTHER WAS A GODDESS AND HER NAME WAS THETIS. Anyone who has read the Iliad knows this. check your facts next time.


  3. ThePaganSu
    July 8, 2013

    The comparison is almost 80% wrong! Agamemnon and Achilles were VERY similar. They were both royalty and powerful warriors, but whereas Achilles was a demigod (on his sea nymph Mother’s side, Thetis) while Agamemnon was from a cursed royal line (see House of Atreus, House of Pelops, or House of Tantalus). And although Agamemnon was a magnificent and incredibly strong warrior that took many risks in battle (see Books 3, 4, 6, 11, and 23!), his role as commander-in-chief and his more royal line means that he usually has more responsibility and administrative powers than Achilles. And Homer usually portrays them both sympathetically but also isn’t afraid to show their weakness. One way that shows he’s sympathetic to Agamemnon is how protective and affectionate he is to his younger brother, Menelaus and also how fondly Helen remembers her brother-in-law. And both show unbridled emotions. In fact, Agamemnon is shown with MANY emotions: he cries, gets angry, is regretful, gets protective, goes bersek in battle, etc.


  4. Rishi
    September 10, 2018

    Achilles’s mother was a sea nymph, Thetis and father was a mortal human being, named Peleus


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