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Alignment vs Balancing

Accidents do happen and sometimes they do because of man’s negligence. When driving a vehicle, one must make sure that the car is in tip top shape, checking everything that might cause it to malfunction. The car’s tires are very important and should be given proper attention and care because they are oftentimes neglected.

Alignment and balancing your vehicle’s tires is very important, especially if you get new ones. We always suppose that wheels and tires are made with perfect measurements but there are many irregularities that can make them unbalanced or misaligned.

Balancing the tires after putting them on the wheels will affect how they will perform as well as their wear. This should be done whenever a tire is removed and replaced by another on a wheel.

If the car is not aligned well or if there are broken belts in the tire and mud in the rims, the tire can become unbalanced. You can identify this by checking if the tires are worn unevenly or if there is a lump in its middle.

Out of balance tires can cause the car to vibrate which is not felt when the vehicle is moving slowly but it becomes very noticeable as the car gains speed and can make the passengers uncomfortable and unsafe.

When this happens, take your vehicle to a car shop so that it can be repaired by experienced mechanics. Solving the problem earlier can make it easier to fix.

Alignment can only be done when the suspension components wear out and if the tires are subjected to sudden impact, bumping on objects or potholes, or if there is uneven tire wear. Uneven tire wear can make them face slightly different from the other tires, causing the car to be more difficult to handle.

The thing that you will notice when your car is not aligned well is that it will pull the car in one direction or another. Correcting this will make the car or vehicle follow a straight track. This has to be fixed immediately because it might be caused by worn out parts and may lead to accidents.

1. Balancing is usually done when tires are installed on the car, while alignment is done when there is uneven tire wear and suspension components and other parts are already worn out.
2. Balancing is needed when there are broken belts and mud in the rim, while alignment is needed when the car has gone over potholes or has bumped into something or when steering and suspension parts are worn out.
3. Unbalanced tires can cause the car to vibrate uncomfortably, while misaligned car tires can cause the car to pull in one direction, depending on which side the worn out tire is located.
4. Having problems with the balancing of the tires can make the ride uncomfortable, while having problems with alignment can lead to more serious trouble and accidents.
5. While both need to be done by experienced mechanics, alignment should be done immediately.

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