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Difference between AstraZeneca and Covishield

As the world fights against the coronavirus pandemic, several vaccines have been developed. As the administration of these vaccines continues, the world is hopeful that they will help in controlling the spread of the virus. Some of the vaccines developed include AstreaZeneca and Covishield.

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What is AstraZeneca?

This is a COVID-19 vaccine that is manufactured by Astrazeneca. It was first approved for use in the UK on 30th December 2020. The vaccine is given by intramuscular injection. Based on mixed trials, one dose showed a 90% efficacy in preventing against the coronavirus when a half dose was administered followed by a full dose. Just like any other vaccines, it showed mild adverse effects such as nausea, headache and injection site pain. 

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What is Covishield?

This is a COVID-19 vaccine that is manufactured by the Serum Institute of India. This is the brand under which the AstraZeneca vaccine is sold under. It is also sold under the Vaxzevria brand name among others.

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