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movie-danceBhangra vs Bollywood

Bhangra is a form of a very lively folk music and dance originating from the Indian state of Punjab. Bhangra is traditionally performed for the commemoration and celebration of the success of the seasonal harvest. Punjabis perform both bhangra dance and music on the Day of Baisakhi which is on the 13th of April. It is attributed to be the King of Dances. On the other hand, the typical Bollywood dances can be commonly found in the Bollywood Hindi films. In the old times it was a mixed dance form which was an interesting blend of the Indian Classical Dance styles, the traditional dances performed by the North Indian Courtesans or tawaifs and the various Indian folk dances. Later on the modern Hindi films started featuring a dancing style that showed a close proximity with the Western styles of choreography like Brake, Hip-hop, Salsa, Tango, ballet, etc. The modern films brought to the screen a dazzling combination of western pop and classical Indian dance forms fixed in a unique charismatic potion.

During a Bhangra session, performers sing the traditional Punjabi Boliyaan and Loriyaan lyrics and people also beat the dhol drum. Thereon dancers perform in a circle going around the drummers. The drummers keep lifting two sticks every now and then with which they beat the drums summoning the dancers to move to an even high rhythm of movement. On the other hand, in common Bollywood dance flicks, it is the hero and the heroine or either of the two who perform with a group of dancers. These dance sequences often feature impractical shifts of location and time frame and costume changes through the course of the song. Often romantic songs featuring just the hero and the heroine are shot in beautiful scenic locations with special effects at times.

The costumes used in Bhangra comprise of a bright colored Patka on the head, a lungi (for men) or lacha (for women) of the same color, a lengthy tunic, a deep blue or black waistcoat and traditional anklets called ghungroos on the ankles. Dancers may also wear small rings in their ears called nuntian. On the other hand, as far as the Bollywood dances are concerned there is no typical costume pattern that they follow. Particular songs see the dancers dressed in particular ways. Tawaifs are gorgeously dressed, items girls and cabaret dancers in skimpy seductive outfits, while simple romantic songs may show the heroine in a simple and chic salwar or the traditional Indian sari. Group dances feature troupes of dancers dressed in dazzling costumes that add to the onscreen sparkle and charisma.

1. Bhangra is a lively folk music and dance from Punjab while Bollywood dances are a blend of Indian classical dances, folk patterns and western choreographic trends.
2. During Bhangra, dancers move in a circle around the drummers who play the dhol and initiate the rhythm. Whereas in Bollywood songs it is the hero and the heroine who perform with a troupe of dancers.

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