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The difference between a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) and a Bachelor of Science degree (BS) largely depends on the policies set by the awarding institution, given the programs are similar. However both BA and BS should have some allowable balance of three areas; a major that includes in-depth professional preparation, some general education providing basic university-level education in science and math, social sciences, humanities and arts and human communication.

The BA degree is usually less specialized, needing a minimum of 180 quarter units to complete the degree, thirty six units for the major eighteen of which must be at the 300-400 level. The BA is usually awarded for majors in literature, humanities, history and languages. It does not train students to become skilled at a particular job but rather imparts students with knowledge in a broad range of areas. They may then specialize in a specific area at post graduate level.

The BS degree consists of three main technical areas requiring a minimum of 180 quarter units for the complete degree award with the major taking 54 units of which 27 quarter units should be at the 300-400 level. The BS degree is usually awarded in the majors of physics, biological sciences, agriculture and engineering.

To be awarded a degree program in either degree, requirements tend to follow a broad set of requirements although the BA will generally require students to meet extra college requirements like a social science or a foreign language.

Broadly speaking, both degrees take the same duration to complete by this may change depending on the university, the area of study and the desired goals of the student. Nevertheless, for cases where completion time varies, one degree may not take much longer time to complete than the other. The cost of the degree will solely depend on the institution and further still whether it is a public or private institution but for most institutions, BS courses tend to have slightly higher credit hour fees due to additional practical requirements incorporated in the programs.

The BS is more professional focused and those awarded BS degrees can start on with their career immediately after school. The BA however is more oriented towards continuing study and it is common for students awarded with a BA degree to pursue a professional accreditation course to prepare them for professional work in the real working environment.

1. The BS is a more technical and science based degree while BA concentrates mainly on the arts and humanities.
2. The BS is highly specialized while the BA focuses on a broad range of subjects.
3. The BS is more career oriented while the BA is more continuing study oriented.
4. The courses in the BS degree tend to cost slightly higher than those in the BA for credit hour fees.

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  1. In the Uk undergraduate first degress are BA (hons) and BSc (Hons). The level of this degree in the UK is much further advanced than an equivalent US degree, due to the earlier specialisation in English education.From age 16 it is for example to specialise in for example, sciences, or languages , humanities etc. Non honours BA, and BSc degrees are awarded but these are classified below a third class honours.

  2. Plz tell me the difference between bs and bsc engineering?

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