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communismCommunism vs Liberalism

Communism and liberalism are two different political ideologies. Communism cannot be termed liberalism and liberalism cannot be termed as communism as the two have distinct features that separate them.

Liberalism is an ideology that believes in individual freedom. Liberalism is a political ideology that thinks that an individual is free from all interferences and restrictions. On the other hand, communism does not give any emphasis to individual freedom. Communism is a political ideology that stands for equality of all. Communism pertains to the welfare of the society or community. It stands for a stateless or class less society.

In communism, power is equally shared by everyone. But in Liberalism there is no power sharing but every one considers being free from the other. While Communism gives priority to the welfare of a society, liberalism gives priority to the rights of an individual. Communism does not think that an individual is above others.

When talking about economy, Liberalism thinks of a free market but in Communism, it is the community or society that controls the economy and means of production. The profit is equally shared in communism.

When Liberalism focuses on a balance between individual and community responsibilities, Communism focuses entirely on community responsibility.

Communism is an ideology that entirely revolves round the good will of a community. On the other hand, Liberalism has its base on individuals only.

1. Liberalism is a political ideology that thinks that an individual is free from all interferences and restrictions. Communism does not give any emphasis to individual freedom. It is a political ideology that stands for equality of all.
2. In communism, power is equally shared by everyone. But in Liberalism there is no power sharing but every one considers being free from the other.
3. Communism gives priority to the welfare of a society, liberalism gives priority to the rights of an individual.
4. There may be some form of government in Liberalism but in Communism there is no government as it implies a class less and state less society.
5. Liberalism focuses on a balance between individual and community responsibilities. Communism focuses entirely on community responsibility.

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  1. you obviously don’t know about liberalism. Liberalism is where money is taken from the rich and given to the poor to make everyone equal. Conservatives are the ones who work against big government and support individual freedoms of people. Still give me your sources and I will give you mine.

    • ho grey you are in essence a right wing asswipe so that makes you a teabagger.

      • So if someone don’t agree with you . You. attack them with name calling ..how grown up you must be…

        • Liberalism on paper looks absolutely beautiful, as does communism that’s why this ideology has been adopted by countries. But remember we have human traits that makes us distinctly different than animals who are all equally free. We are influenced by greed as a motivator and the idea that G-d does not control our destiny and there are no repercussions is also a factor to human corruption. In reality, liberalism is akin to communism where we cannot agree to the idea that there are different people; rather liberals view all as being equal – the mentally ill, the criminals, and illegal aliens. Then you add school shooting and liberals hate the idea they can’t do anything about it so they make a blanket statement no guns except for military and the police which sounds like a communist party. They can’t handle the fact the mentally ill, and criminals are different people. But the conservatives (the common sense folks) agree everyone is different and that it’s ok to be different but we’re going to do something about it (resolutions rather than restrictions). The only good thing about liberals is that they are educated enough to understand economics and that having too much children wouldn’t be economical and that’s something conservative people share. So how do we spread this to other countries where India is smaller than the US but have 1 billion more people than us. It sounds reasonable to help but then they are different and their customs so liberalism wouldn’t work without an iron fist.

      • Don’t be deluded about Liberalism and Communism.
        Two different ideologies, so similar that one can’t really tell the difference, something a Freaking Liberal would hide behind.
        Liberals are sick animals, wrong way hippie ideology.

        Go away to another Country and Die you Fucks.

        Sick minded Liberals

      • He tells the truth and you insult him?
        You’re the as wipe,
        Everyone knows that

      • He tells the truth and you insult him?
        You’re the az wipe,
        typical & completely predictable mindless comments from another mindless media parrot…
        Everyone knows that

    • That’s correct because Liberalism has effectively been hijacked by Communism. Today’s Liberals don’t have ANY IDEA what individual liberty is. It’s all about “social justice” and promoting power for “oppressed groups”. The Marxists have been promising to take down the West for many years. Now, thru United Nations initiatives they have almost accomplished this goal by indoctrinating an entire generation with Marxist-speak, and are being helped by academia and our national media. Sorry but the line between Liberalism and Communism has been dissolved, by design. Communism has entered on the Left.

      • U kiddimg me…. Liberals are for gay marriage (individual rightsl. Liberals are pro choice (individual rights) liberals are pro pot (individual rights) conservatives ARE NOT for individual rights.

        • um… conservatives are for gun rights since the second amendment guarantees it, as well as rights that involve securing the rights of people for unreasonable search. Those are indeed indeed individual rights, just different ones than what liberals believe in. And I;m not even conservative and know this.

        • at least somebody understands what a liberal believes in. How can someone compare that to communism?

        • lol!
          Liberals hate the constitution unless their party is in charge, then they get all nauseatingly sanctimonious about it…
          Liberals ignore the rights of everyone excluding themselves..
          Liberals hate the bill of rights no matter which party is in charge..
          Liberalism is for individual rights?

      • I truly believe there is no Democratic party. They have morphed into a Marxist/Communist style party. If they disagree with what you say there is no debate. There is name calling. They talk over you. They shout and curse you. That’s extreme immaturity!
        I believe in hearing both sides of an issue. Learning begins when you hear the issues and decide what to believe.
        The US Media/”Pravda” assist in keeping the truth from American citizens. (They mislead the “We The People”).
        Our country is under attack from within. You have Congressional Leaders who swear an oath to protect and defend the constitution from ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.
        We have congressional leaders who let chaos be the rule and not law and order, especially if they disagree with laws on ILLEAGAL ALIENS/POLICE ENFORCEMENT.
        If you don’t like the laws on the books, change it. You are a congressional leader in Washington. You make the laws of the land!!!!! Stop running to the Media slant to hide.

    • That is correct.

  2. Obvious confusion between libertarian and liberalism.
    Nice try

    • Libertarian is a political party that stems from the ideology of neo-classical liberalism. People who toss around the word “liberal” to refer to democrats are the ones that are confused; judging by your comment, I assume that you are one of those people.
      When do you think the words liberal, libertarian, liberalism come from? From the latin root word “libel” which means free. Liberalism is not to be confused with the common day connotation of the word liberal.
      Take a political science course and get back to me.

      • Don’t need to take a political science class,ive got 2 eyes,2 ears and internet. Let’s get this right,this Democrat puff pieces you see on the definition of liberal, socialism/communism are in part a full on lie.
        First off,I’ve seen the actual definitions . Actual liberalism and communism are only theory’s. Neither have ever existed in the modern world. Any so-called communist country that has existed has been nothing more than a full on Military Dictatorship. Nothing near communism.

        • Sorry Eric, they infact do exist. Does not matter wha it is on paper, what matters is the reality and the results. That’s death and destruction with communism every single time it’s tried. And the so called definition of the filthy liberal has not changed in years, looks good on paper. But the liberal ideology has changed and does not match what’s on paper. The modern filthy liberal is nothing but an effeminate fascist. If you don’t know what that is, look it up.

          • Um, China looks like they are doing okay with communism, not that I approve of it, but there is no “destruction and death” there. Liberal and fascist in the same sentence? really?

        • Communism doesn’t exist? What do you think communism is? Military control you moron!

      • Libertarians are socially liberal and fiscally conservative. The best of both worlds… at least to me. lol

        Liberalism only deals with the politics of individual freedoms.

      • Wow, you are truly a dummy. Yes, the word liberal means ‘free’ but that is not what the ideology stands for. It’s dummies like you who fall for that and join ranks. Wow, D-U-M-B and guaranteed to be just a young kid. Perhaps 22 to 25 years of age. If you’re any older, I feel sorry for you.

  3. All one needs to go to the cpusa communist party of USA website to see they both share the same ideals.

    • To me, Liberal simply means “limited restraint.” As in, when you allow more room for individuals to make their own decisions, your policy is more Liberal. Of course, to Americans, “Liberal” means “economic control.” That’s where Liberatrians come in. Since Democrats have hijacked the term “Liberal,” we call ourselves Libertarains to avoid confusion. Libertarians believe in economic, individual freedom with limited restraint… and somehow that means “conservative.” I think Liberals feel like an collective economy is more “Liberal” because, since it allows each individual easier access to equal compensation, people would have more “freedom” to have the things they want. There are problems on so many levels with that concept, though. Liberalism isn’t a political structure, while Communism is. Liberalism is a vague ideology. To me, Communism isn’t Liberal because Communism requires mass degrees of control. Communist economies are controlled by the state. Whether the state is controlled Democratically in no way qualifies the economy to be Liberal, because each individual will be forced to adhere to the whims of the majority. However, in most cases, Communist economies are controlled by Fascist militants, which is even further away from Liberal ideology. On a civic issue (freedom of religion, freedom of the press), a society can be Communist AND Liberal… but there are mutually exclusive. Communism is an economic concept, and doesn’t consist of a civic policy. Thus, a Communist society can be socially liberal or socially conservative. As is the case with the former Soviet Union and the DPRK, their supreme levels of militant nationalism forces their society to adhere to strict, civic conservative standards.

      • The problem here is that the current leaders of CPUSA are revisionists who have been doing stupid things like telling Communists to vote for Obama- when in fact the CPUSA has a serious Power Struggle between these revisionists and Marxist-Leninist groups. I should know, I’m currently supporting the Southern Marxist-Leninist branch in their bid to oust Mr. Webb, the current leader.

      • You make pretty good sense if how things works I can definitely see how there is a very close similarity to what a real libertarian is and how it’s dang near what a conservative is supposed to stand for… I believe a conservative is someone who stands up to defend old style rights like the constitution or more of a base of rights… I’m new to discovering what a Libertarian truly is supposed to be… if it’s about individual rights but so many people say that, that leads to more control in a bad way? More control for the people and individual rights of those people does not equal more (repressed) control?? I guess its truly because a real libertarian does not technically exist as a party that lives up to the true belief, but more as a idea.. this is sad because that means and validates that there is a complete opposite that means there is a party that wants no rights for individuals and contradicts the constitution which is all about the people’s rights… it sounds like the complete opposite is a communist that wants rights for the system of an economy and state and when there is more power there, there is definitely less power with the people… it’s definitely worth noting that these days it feels like certain party’s all in there own way want to forget the constitution or bypass it which is not good, BUT at the same time the constitution is 400 years old and remarkably it holds ground today and there is no easy way to redefine an untouchable update because the system is corrupt… as it seems theses days undeniably that NO MATTER WHAT A PERSON BELIEVES there party is it should be inorder to be better then the other… they are all flawed because simply there are multiple party’s in power at one time… therefore what I want to see ( a new party be born of all good traits of all party’s minus the bad in them or lies (liers in power) emerge but again I doubt there will be such a thing these days… it’s sad that you’ll never see one person on tv / media / in office say : the real answer to make MILLIONS of jobs in America is just as simple as making ALL of are product that does not envole seasonal sources but all else that doesn’t

        :why not simply say F* helping each other and make over 95$ of Americas shit in America?!? Now if country’s followed Americas lead then no mater what you would see a HUGE difference for the better in global job growth and income.. of course contrary could still share buy and trade but if we JUST made are own goods that it would fix so much instead of county’s fighting to take someone’s piece of the pie”

      • You’re putting too much thought into it. It ALL stems from the collective. Less individualism, more collectivism. It really is that simple.

  4. What a bogus piece of crap. You are talking about libertarianism. Liberals couldn’t care less about individual freedoms as long as everyone is suffering miserably and equally. If people petition government to take from producers and give to non-producers then the rights of the producers have been violated. They are no longer free.

    • You are right…. it makes sense how that works it’s like I said when there are almost all party’s in control at once then all the party’s are flawed because the ones who represent the party’s will obviously rarely negotiate with one another… leading to a failed system smh… it is freedom but it honestly looks impossible when viewing it from the outside especially when every 4 to 8 years including a full generation (when it comes it congress) there is a new party (yet again) allowed to change everything the previous one set up…. I think it’s amazing that America is the only country that has accomplished an idea of freedom it thus far

      but when there’s people who don’t want freedom of someone else’s way It leads to dictatorship which is the only way to make things stay concrete in a system but of course it is not the right way for what people need and deserve… 🙁

  5. There is a difference between classic Liberalism of the 17th/18th century and the modern American left (aka liberal). This article is correct in the difference between classic Liberalism and Communism. The confusion is that many in the US are unaware that there is more than one type of liberal than that of the modern American left.

  6. This is a joke right? You just described capitalism/conservatism when you said “liberalism”. When you said “communism” you were describing everything the democrat/liberal party believes. You just confirmed that liberalism and communism are the same. Fail.

    • I think Phil just nailed it. The classic definition of liberalism is a far cry from the modern day definition.

    • Sigh… You clearly are misunderstanding. Liberalism does not equal what America calls “liberal”. Liberal typically refers to democrat, how this happened is because democrats are typically stronger supporters of individual rights when it comes to social issues, but less so when it comes to economic issues. True classical liberalism, as a political ideology, is one where individual rights and free markets are emphasized. Just because people misuse the words doesn’t change their original ideology.

    • BINGO again!

  7. The problem lies with the corruption of the term “Liberalism”. Current usage by the Leftist Democrats (aka “progressives”, another corrupted term) is diametrically opposed to the original meaning. Of course, this is one of many Alinskyite tactics designed to confuse the “low-information voters”, to get their votes.

  8. Many who are on the far left label themselves. Last extreme liberal person I interacted with went so far as to consider themselves a libtard. The references to Communism are reflective of the extreme side of the continuum and not to be interpreted as one in the same. That said, extremes or fringe views best be filtered from any serious objective conversations.

  9. This article was penned by a Liberal. LOL
    Today’s Liberals are Socialists and that is Communism.

  10. This is how the idea is explain for American. If you see in other countries, is the perfect explication between both ideas.
    But in USA you only have two groups democrats and republicans. So you never gonna understand this.

  11. Phil is correct and all of these comments have little to do with the original article. Let’s take this point by point. “Liberalism is an ideology that believes in individual freedom” -says who? You? Liberalism absolutely does not. Free if you conform to liberal mindset. Free to hate, to name call, and label. As long as it is attacking the “right” people.

    Individual freedom to carry a firearm? Freedom of speech on a college campus, try to voice a positive Trump message on a college campus and let’s see how much freedom the liberal educational system affords you and the name calling begins. They want “Safe Zones” to get away for any opposing views. Re-classifying opposing views as “Hate Speech” or “Micro Aggression.”

    “Liberalism there is no power sharing”…, this is the most accurate statement. There is no seat at the table for anyone that does not share the Liberal view or agenda. Just oppose the biggest Liberal religion -“Global Warming” or “Climate Change, at the hands of humans.” If I said the planet could be destroyed by over population, decease, food famine, or the atomic bomb. Then I would be labeled, as Liberals do, a zealot. But the cash cow never ends for the religion of climate change. Also, we never talk about the harm developing worlds have on the environment -only the industrialized nations.

    “Liberalism thinks of a free market…,” this is just propaganda and no evidence of this ever being a Liberal view. Liberals believe, as Communists, in leveling the playing field. If someone can run faster than you it is only because of unfair advantages. You need to look no further than our educational system to see the effectiveness of Liberals educating and preparing students. Participation awards, grading curves, school-to-prison pipeline, Labels (this is what they do best; too focused on labels and not their jobs as educators: Black students, (pushing “girls” into math, science, engineers), labeling kids as Special Ed (just to fill a quota and not deal with difficult students), Hispanic, Tech savvy/challenged, school lunch programs for (label), Bully, (label) Medicate the Kid, Cyber Bully, pointed his/her finger like a gun (label), toddler kisses girls (label-sex offender forcibly kissed)… Liberalism doesn’t work in education (US ranking 14th in the world) and does not work anywhere else, just as Communism.

    “Liberalism focuses on a balance between individual and community responsibilities.” I am just ROFL, on this and the last statement. This is just a fail safe method for Liberals. We (Libs) will set the rules, laws, penalties, fines, and government over site but when it all fails it is just your fault: communities, parents, families, churches, charities, businesses, etc. It is your greed, lack of knowledge/education, homophobia, (labels), etc. That caused these Liberal principles to fail.

    • Contrary to whatever you may hear or believe, this article is mostly correct. See, the misunderstanding here lies within the definition of “liberal.” The classical, political science definition is exactly what this article claims it to be- a political ideology which believes that individual rights are important. With a lack of formal education and critical thinking, however, some commenters here would not understand that.

      In fact, the classical definition holds true today, because it is the definition of a political ideology which has not changed. What has changed is the way terms like “liberal” and “libertarian” are used. The USA was founded on, believe it or not, liberal values! That does not mean that, because you use the word “liberal” today to describe people who are generally on the left, they hold the same values of liberalism. Modern American liberals are not the same as the classical sense of the word, which this article describes. It is just like libertarianism. The American Libertarian party is actually anarcho-capitalist, masquerading themselves as the party of individual rights (actually, if you research it, communism is a pretty libertarian ideology).

      Modern Americans who claim to believe in individual rights actually do not (i.e. most of the Republican party). Being able to carry a firearm is not an inherent human right, whether it is granted by the almighty Constitution or not. Access to clean water, food and not being discriminated against on ultimately arbitrary things such as religion, ethnicity, race, and sexuality are examples of human rights which, get this, other countries and even philosophers have agreed upon for centuries.

      Again, the liberalism referred to in this article is its pure ideology, and IS NOT THE SAME AS “American Liberalism.” That is an objective truth, whether you like it or not. Of course, most Americans believe that they support individual freedoms (and thus, believe in liberalism) even though they vote people like Donald Trump into office. Trump may say he’s for individual rights, but his actions show that he is against the majority of the Constitution, as seen from his stance on the First Amendment, which protects the freedoms necessary to any democracy. He is a fascist, and not a liberal (in the classical sense of the word), and does not believe in individual liberties (notice how “liberty” and “liberal” stem from the same root? Amazing observation).

  12. lol liberals are right as hell. most liberals are authoritarian right on the political compass, and communism falls far left. try again. liberalism is just watered-down conservativism.

    • Communism is a control everything !
      Communism diminishes the desire for people to work because no matter how hard they work the person who doesn’t work gets the same housing food ,and clothes .No body is allowed to have anything nicer or better than another perso. Even though they worked for it. The only people who have a voice and decent housing and food are the ones in power .Communism rules with a first of iron .North Korea is the true face of communism.
      The peasant people have no access to outside World news or technology .

  13. Liberalism or liberty is always used by communist groups to achieve a specific goal.That does not mean that true liberalism or liberty does not exist. It just means that it has been stolen by groups posing as individuals. A means to an end.
    This why communism is totally anti the individual and the best way to stifle individualism is to hire a wolf in sheep’s clothing i.e. to play the individual. For example how many “far out man” Woodstock hippies eventually “became” communist bankers?
    In any case when we evaluate a media artists opinion song film … The question is are we hearing “their” opinion? (unlikely) or the government agency who hired them to have this opinion? (very likely). You see I don’t mind if someone stands on his/ her head all day but I do mind when someone is hired to stand on their head all day for a group purpose…. Which again is to stifle individualism. A battle of free minds vs. caged ones -Communist ones..In any case a true individual who is for liberty (no censorship or butting into private lives) will remain an individual regardless of communist efforts. And that is all that matters in the end- the final result. A bit of Zen.. the moon does not change in flowing streams not even in rapids.

  14. Liberalism does NOT believe in the individual but rather tribalism. Mine is yours, yours is mine. Remember what obama said? “You didn’t build that! We all did.” Yeah, sure buddy. And even if you believe that, that’s what taxes are for. Today’s liberalism couldn’t be closer to communism/marxism/fascism without being one of those only a stone toss away.

    • Melissa, What you describe as a liberal is through your hate filled glasses. What you said is not true. Especially the mine is yours and yours is mine. That simply is not true. I don’t want anything of yours, nor anyone elses. I have liberal friends and that simply is not what we think. There is a difference between working as a community on things then “mine is your and yours is mine”. Fascism? Do you know the definition of Fascism? Fascists hate liberals. There is nothing, nothing at all that even closely resembles it. If you want to talk Fascism because liberals want gun control but then you are ok with taking the right of a woman to chose away, you are a constitutional hypocrite. Plan and simple. You hate liberals, it is clear from your posts, but don’t try to pass your hatred and what you think as truth. It’s not. Also, there is a difference between responding with free speech and silencing someone. Have you instances where liberals have actual silenced anyone? Or are you calling them fascists because they respond with why they think you are wrong?

  15. Do you not realize that are founding fathers were all liberalist
    And that Karl marks based communism off of the Constitution and the writings of John looke and that concervitves are liberalist also the only difference is that the end result of true communism is no federal government that is what marks wanted so the people could be free and live like natives

  16. First, I would like to ask if ppl could back off a little as I am not a robot. It seems like everyone here has received an earful of influence designed to divide. Why is that? Because efforts at social control began before Christ was nailed to the cross. Can’t give a reason why, maybe it’s nature maybe it’s the eternal struggle between evil and love. It does not matter what form of government is used on us to those in control. It only matters that they keep us from knowing we don’t need them.

  17. In communism power and riches are not divided equaly for everyone. Thats just the lie the portrait! In communism the only ones with power and weath are the ones in control of the government! Communism and socialism are idiologies who opress, mass murder, and bring entire societies into extreme poverty, missery and decay! Every single idiology who preaches taken from anyone wheather they are rich or not, is preaching in favor of stealing. It doesnt matter if the stealing is being done by one person or by millions, stealing is stealing! And when they run out of people to steal from, thats the end of that self-destructive mentality! Othera people money eventually runs out! The Nazi socialist party was responsible for 6 million deaths! Communist regimes are responsible for more than 100 million deaths worldwide and counting!

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