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Condo vs Townhouse

A Condo unit and a townhouse are two different types of housing structures. There are significant differences between these two types of accomodation, such as the way they are built. A condo unit is a part of a bigger structure – it is part of a larger building – while a townhouse is a row of identical houses. Some townhouses may differ in color but everything else will look the same, from its exterior to its interior. Townhouses, unlike condos are contiguous structures which are separated by a wall.

A condo unit can be built at any floor inside a building. It is usually high rise, for example, a 10-storey building with condo units. It is possible that the units are on the ground floor but some condo units start on the second floor. A townhouse, on the other hand is usually like a bungalow type house with only one floor, although recently some have multi storey structures. In any case, townhouses are separated by straight walls. Townhouses all look the same because they were built with the same area and design in mind.

When you enter a condo unit, it is like a flat. It does not have any floors, basement or upper decks. It doesn’t have a yard but the owner can make up for this with potted plants. A townhouse is like any normal home. If a townhouse owner wants to have a ‘garden’, they can utilize whatever land they are alloted to make their garden. A townhouse property may have space for landscaping and gardening, unlike a condo unit.

Condo owners have limitation when it comes to their rights, they only own the interior part of their space and they can only make changes within the condo’s interior space. Their rights to the property are limited to within their four walls. A townhouse owner on the other hand has more rights and can make changes to his (or her) property. The Townhouse owner has the liberty in changing the exterior and interior space whereas the condo owners have limited rights.

Condo unit owners share the common areas in the building such as the pool and recreational spaces. Their parking space is in one big area unlike the townhouse owners who can park on their property. They also share responsibilities with the daily maintenance of their common areas. A Condominium Association is the one responsible for maintaining the common areas in the building.

For the townhouses, it is called the Home Owners Association (HOA). There is an election of board members done yearly who are responsible for governing the day to day maintenance of these common areas such as clubhouse, multipurpose halls, recreational parks and walking areas.


1.Condo units are smaller units that are a part of a building while townhouses are rows of houses built on the ground.
2.Condos don’t have exterior spaces such as decks and small yards,while town houses do.
3.Condo unit owners’ rights are limited to within the interior space of their unit while townhouse owners’ rights extend to their alloted land and the interior and exterior spaces.
4.Condo units may not look like the other condo units but townhouses have identical structures.
5.Condo unit owners have a Condominium Association that takes care of maintaining the common areas inside the building while Townhouse owners have Home Owners Association.

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