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Have you ever tried asking yourself whether you will pursue a DBA or a PhD? Well, the basic principle of the DBA is to give businessmen and women, who have already earned their Masters Degree, further progress in their career by obtaining another advanced Business Administration degree. This degree is for business people who would like to add research as part of defining, implementing and evaluating the issues that face their organization.

The DBA can be considered as a PhD, it just depends on the institution where you received it, and where you plan to use it. The DBA is for those who are already businessmen themselves; who still want to refine their research background and further develop their business and strategy research skills.

On the contrary, the PhD is a degree that is more focused on men and women who are interested in the field of academics, and is more focused on research.

Nevertheless, both degrees require previous schooling, and take ten full years to complete. Some will require a thesis, or other types of research projects, while other programs may allow a final examination in place of the thesis or research project. You can confirm the policies of the different learning institutions to see the differences between the degrees offered, and whether there is a difference in the curriculum.

Overall, the main difference is actually what you plan to do with your degree. As mentioned, confirming with your learning institution of choice may help you get a better grasp of which degree is best suited for your goals. The degrees are generally used interchangeably in many areas, so it is better for you to do the research. There are a reasonable amount of similarities between the degrees, but the few differences may only apply if you plan to teach.

So, here is the basic summary of what the differences are:

1. The DBA is for business professionals who are looking to advance their careers, while the PhD is more focused on research. The latter is applicable for those who are looking further into the academe, and wish to become instructors.

2. The DBA is more business-focused, while the PhD is research-focused for a variety of different study fields.

3. The DBA and PhD are advanced degrees that both require a Masters degree, and they may be used interchangeably in different learning institutions.

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