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illusionDelusion and Illusion

Though Illusion and delusion can be thought of as synonyms, they actually have different meaning. While illusion pertains to unreal vision, delusion can be said to be a false belief.

Illusion can be termed as a misleading perception. You will be seeing something but the fact is that you see it in a different perspective. Illusion means misjudging the length, direction and shape of objects that are seen. Illusion is something related to the vision that one sees but misinterpreted. Delusion on the other hand is a false belief that is maintained even if it is contradicted.

In simple words, Illusion can be said to be one that fools the mind and delusion is something one perceives to be truth even after others contradict it. Though these two are not real, illusion pertains to the mind and delusion pertains to belief.

While illusion can be termed as perceptual disturbance, delusion can be called as belief disturbance. Illusion is something that is caused by outside influence but delusion is caused by one’s feelings. Illusion happens when you are fooled by your vision but delusion happens when you become a fool of yourself because of your beliefs. While illusion can be termed to be external, delusion can be called as internal.

Delusion is a fixed belief, which can be either false or fanciful. Illusion is only distortion of the senses. While illusion is a physical phenomenon, delusion pertains to the mental aspect.

Illusion is something that you and every one know is just an illusion only and not true. For example you and the magician know that the tricks are illusion. In delusion, people think that what they see or hear is real, despite some one contradicting it.

Illusion and delusion comes from latin words. Illusion comes from ludere that means to play and delusion comes from deludere that means to play falsely.

1. Illusion pertains to unreal vision. Delusion can be said to be a false belief.
2. Illusion can be said to be one that fools the mind and delusion is something one perceives to be truth even after other contradict it.
3. Illusion pertrains to the mind and delusion pertains to belief
4. Illusion can be termed as perceptual disturbance, delusion can be called as belief disturbance
5. Illusion is smething that is caused by outside influence but delusion is caused by one’s feelings.

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  1. Illusions could cause one’s delusions.

    Delusions could cause one’s illusions.

  2. Superb article from specialist. Thank you very much for posting this useful info for all of

  3. this article is remarkable. very understandable

  4. I don’t really agree about the part about persisting after contradiction being a distinguishing factor. Both illusions and delusions may persist after we receive some contradicting evidence. This is why optical illusions can be fun: we know that what we perceive is false, but we still see it, and so we try to figure out why. Similarly, a delusion need not persist in the face of contradictory evidence. If we believe our lover to be faithful when he/she is not, then that is a delusion, regardless of what evidence is present or absent. The choice that some then make after discovery to pretend that this isn’t the case and go on as before is something different. We usually qualify this as something like “willful self-delusion” to distinguish it from an actual delusion. The person deep down understands what the actual reality is (and therefore is not deluded), but makes a choice to go with the fantasy.

  5. It was really helpful. Thank you so much for the excellent explanation.

  6. What about illusions being unintentional perception and delusion intentional by outside manipulation or dogmatic disbelief? Or am I adding too much meaning where there is none actually?;) intentional/unintentional – appropriate aspects in this context?

    • No not at all!!! Thats actually backing my reason for coming here, appreciate you going deep as it backs my original belief! It is a delusion that we are seperate from one another, we were taught intentionally/unintentionally, consciously/unconsciously, that race, color, gender, age etc. define us as ME and I. That they are somehow better than them. That we are In/divid/ual/s, rather than a species of humans, be.ing. Those thoughts transformed into beliefs, which transcended into an Ego that judges, compares so it can be different. (To be the Winner, to see a loser, to feel better than, to be apart from instead of a part of) ‘It’ can cause US to believe the illusion that ‘we’ is I, instead of WE; or he, HE being HIM, the only “I” that’s been, is or shall be. GOD. From the beginning He has eternally been everything. He’s asking: who thinks they can seperate from ME? We— You, Him and The HOLY spirit within ME…Is WHOLY


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