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Many people can’t tell the difference between a dwarf and an elf. Unless you are a big fan of mythological tales or if you’re an avid PC gamer, then you are most likely ignorant about these two beings. Both are standard gaming characters in RPG games and are common in fantasy stories, fiction and fairy tales. Nonetheless, both characters are part of the Germanic mythologies.

A dwarf is perceived to be a being that possesses some magical skills. These skills are most likely connected to the art of metallurgy. Like in the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, all of Snow White’s dwarves where working as miners. With regard to their physical; characteristics, dwarves are pictured to be small statured beings that still look human. They are generally seen as ugly (most likely because of their disproportional facial size to their overall body size).

Originally, elves where perceived as beings of minor gods, specifically the fertility and nature gods. They are more youthful than those dwarves having long beards. Generally, they are women and men holding magnificent beauty although there are others who look uglier depending on the specific class of elf (night or dark elf, light elf, blood elf, Christmas working elf, etc.). As a member of the mythological creatures also holding some magical powers of their own, elves hide and live deep within lush virgin forests. Aside from forests, they are also seen to be living in other secluded places like caves, springs, wells and the underground. Bearing great charms and magic, elves are also said to have fought aging with their power of immortality.

With regard to overall personality, dwarves are more human because they are seen to be more comical and showy with human emotions like happiness and sadness. The elves on the other hand are a lot more serious creatures, not to mention mischievous.

In modern usage, the term ‘dwarf’ is also used to describe a person who is short or small, not necessarily a mythological being.

Lastly, elves have also been noted to be present in American folklore like in the case of Santa’s North Pole elves. They are described as the uglier and shorter type of elf having long noses and pointed ears.

All in all, the two beings differ in the following aspects:


Dwarves are generally shorter than the elves.

Dwarves have more human emotions compared to elves.

Elves are more divine beings compared to dwarves.

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