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People often see little difference between Emo and scene. It is often hard to make a distinction between an emo kid and a scene kid as both look almost the same. But the fact is that one can come across many differences in their clothing, hairstyle, dressing and even character.

Scene kids are known to be lively, happy and colourful. They love music and are always cheerful and are not depressed that easily. The scene kids know how to fight and do not take crap for no one.

Meanwhile, emo kids are more of music genera. The emo kids are mostly emotional and get depressed fast. The emo kids are known to cut themselves, as they are so touchy. The emo kids are very sensitive and also shy. The feelings get hurt very easily.

While the emo people are emotional, the scene people are a kind of crazy and random.

While the Scene kids are bright and more enthusiastic, emo ones are more dark and depressed. When the emos are dejected, the scene kids are girly and happy. The scene people also look for attention.

The scene kids are more attracted to bright colours unlike the emo kids who love dark and black colours.

The scene girlies have hair extensions short at the top and backcombed. The scene people have big and puffy hair style. The emo kids always come with side fringes. The emo boys have typically long hairs and the emo girls have shortish hairs. They will be either blonde or black hair with random colours in their hair.

While the scene kids wear girly clothes with lots of make-ups, the emo kids wear band shirts and skinny jeans.

While the emo loves soft music, the scene kids only love the hardcore music. The scene kids might have thousands of friends but they do not maintain their relationship for more than a week. However, the emos try to maintain relations and are loved by their friends.

Another difference that can be noticed is in their philosophy of life. While emo people always have a gloomy face and go sad and think of life as a painful thing, the scene people are full of life and more vibrant.

While emo is associated with words like emotional, depression, shy, sensitive, introverted, self-injury and suicide, the words scene is associated with lively, vibrant, emotionally brave and like that.

1. Scene kids are known to be lively, happy and colourful. The emo kids are mostly emotional and get depressed fast.
2. The emo people are emotional and the scene people are a kind of crazy and random.
3. While the emos are dejected, the scene kids are girly and happy.
4. The scene kids are more attracted to bright colours unlike the emo kids who love dark and black colours.

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  1. i think that emo’s listen to more harcore music but also listen to soft emotional misic

  2. What Ive read so far sounds true but then I dont know…
    I think that being scene or emo is that person’s personal business…
    Me personally; support all those scene people out there!! [[woot-woot]]
    But gotta have much respect for the emo people as well…
    But to make this story short- anyone and everyone can dress and think of themselves as they want!!

    Scene/Emo/Jock/Prep/Girly/Slutty/Etc… I’ll support your ass!!

  3. Is it possible to be a mix..cuz I love bright colors and I also like the darker ones I wear skinny jeans and band t shirts to. I can be super hyper at times and all depressed and stuff at other times. And think life is not the party I want to be at. My hair on the other hand is dark brown and usually teased. And as far as the cutting myself thing I don’t do that alot and it takes a lot for me to do that. And the relationship thing I would much prefer long term. I don’t take rejection well. Tho. And I have a lot of good friends. And the randomness doesn’t even begin to describe me…

    • Ok what i have read is so far very true, because i myself am completely scene. the only thing I do not agree with is the fact that this paragraph states that scene kids do not keep freids for very long that is not true at all i have had freinds all of my life and i tend to keep them ;p btu for the most part it is true scene kids are bubbley people who dont care about what other people think about them because if you fret over peoples comments you will never have any fun, right? and yes all of those genres of music that were mentioned are all the types that i listen to! I reaally love techno!!!!!!!

    • Me to , the same.

    • Thats like me!! Like an in between :/ idk what it would be called

    • I am actually quite confused by the whole emo or scene thing, as personally I’m a bit of both. Sometimes it makes you wonder why you try to put yourself into a box. I have been asked if I’m emo or scene and I don’t have a definite answer, and after saying your a bit of both they generally tell you that being both isn’t a thing. Is it easer to say I’m a bit of both or just say I’m not comfortable with putting my personality, culture, and lifestyle into a box thank you very much.

  4. I have to agree with Angie and Lyndzey, there’s defiantly a mix between the two stereo typical labels. In my opinion I think that SOME scene kids are former emo kids, meaning after the depression state an emo kid becomes a scene kid for still holding on to the music they discovered and the styles they fell in love with but with a more up to beat attitude that makes them want to stand out to be different (a.k.a nonconforming is for both emo and scene) emo:apathetic and depressed and a scene:colourful and energetic-I personally went through a long depression but with my friends’ support I got the common scene knocked into me and I asked for help. I later found out I was ADD, OCD, and Bi-Polar-after getting medication to help me focus in my studies I didnt change my style or my music I just expanded it and I suppose I’m scene now =/ I never label myself or others but I was curious. I believe there’s two types of emos and two types of scene-ones who chose to be a certain label to “fit in” using stereo types and ones who go through true life experiences and do not choose to be a certain label. People are people and as life progresses, people change and labels truly are useless. No one can honestly say they fit into only one stereo type and not the other. Oh and one last thing for those haters out there: Do not judge someone by their label without understanding their history.
    ****YEAH I KNOW TO LONG TO READ D; but I’m board atm so too bad haha xD***

    • I read all of what you just said, and I must agree with everything you said. The above article really pissed me off and you got the point across, the same one I wanted to get across to people. Thank you 😀

  5. each emo person is different. some are happy, some are depressed. it all depends

    • i agree


      • Ummm no there not im a scene kid and people always say that im emo and its frecking annoying!!!

        • I have the same thing happen to me.
          Saying every emo or scene person is exactly the same is like saying a kitten and a donkey are the exact same size… Or some kind of bullshit like that.

          • i get called gay everyday for having painted nails and both ears peirced since im a boy but nobody understands and im to shy to talk to people about being depressed and its a wierd age im in cuz im 13 and its hard to keep going when all i can do is take it sometimes i just need a friend who understands but nobody does and its depressing

        • If you’re so annoyed then stop being so gay you homo! Fuck emo kids and scene kids! They can all eat a dick and die!

          • Leave the kid alone!!! You have no right to treat a person like that. Assholes like you are the reason people become depressed in the first place. If he’s happy with the way he dresses then leave it be. His life decisions make no impact on you what so ever. You have no room to insult him like you know EVERYTHING, when in reality you don’t know shit! Depression isn’t cowardice. Cowards are people who think they have the right to drive people into depression. You don’t like gays, emos, or scene kids. So who the fuck do you like!?!?

      • KK, get your a22 off thii2 siite and quiit me22ing wiith the human2.

        ( I did this, Because I saw a possible Homestuck reference. :p )

        • T) (ank you sollux! We need to limit our interactions with t) (e ) (umans to chatting wit) ( t) (em on trollian! 38D

  6. You know what. I just found out that I’m a mix between those 2. I’m not depressed at all. I’m a total random person but I don’t scream for atention like those scene queens. I better spend time with my true friends. And yeah I like dark colors and also bright colors. So.. That’s pretty much a mix..

  7. I’m emo. This article is wrong in one aspect ; emos LOVE harcore music, but also like soft. But w.e.

    • emo’s don’t love “Hardcore” music! They love “emo” that’s what makes them “emo”! If they love “Hardcore” music they’re fuckin posers because “Hardcore kids” love “Hardcore” music and REAL Hardcore kids would kick your fuckin ass if we heard you say that shit!

  8. This articule is wrong… FIRST! i’m scene & yes i love colours! yes i love music! yes i don’t take crap from no one! Yeah, Yeah! the scene part is right but we do LOVE to stand out from the crowd!
    But the emo part is wrong… emo’s love hardcore! emo’s are emotional yes they are shy, yes they are known to cut them selves so it was half right.
    BY THE WAY!!! if there is someee person out there that dresses emo & listens to emo music BUT DON’T CUT THEMSELVES arn’t emo’s they are just FAKES!!!


    • hello are yew kidding i knw plenty of emos hu dnt cut themselves and i knw plenty of ppl hu arent emo and do cut themselves so dnt say that ppl are fake bcoz no1 is fake theres no such thing as fake so dnt say ther is coz its downgrading and yewr as bad as the ppl hu wrote this website


        • So, I just happened to come across this and emo and scene has nothing to do with my life. I’m a person who coaches and is a personal trainer. I like to see all the diffent kinds of people I end up crossing in my jobs and I really don’t support the cutting thing but I don’t care about style, music or if someone is needing support, everyone does at some point. BUT, this 1 K short of looking and sounding like KKK loser sounds like he’s only there to bully and waist time. I can tell, Mrs. KK that you either are just a younger punk that is immature and and a little on the ignorant side OR you’re old enough to hopefully understand you clearly don’t have a life so you are on the computer attacking others because you feel they are somehow lesser than you and you need to feel better than other because you really are not. So good luck with that thing you may call your life but leave the people and kids especially alone on here so they can have a real life without bullies like you trying to make them fall into your same failure life. Just saying.

    • not all emo ppl cut. cutting is an ADDICTION, like a drug, and to belong to most subcultures, you don’t have to have an addiction (probably unless you’re a stoner…then…even then you dont have to be addicted. idk). So to the ppl who say all emo kids cut, f**k off, it’s not true, i know plenty of nice emo kids who DON’T.

    • Just because someone doesn’t cut themselves, doesn’t make them not Emo. I think they’re actually smart because you only have one body, and if you’re going to ruin it, you don’t deserve it. Sorry for all those people who do cut themselves.

      • Okay looky here peoples, I wouldn’t classify myself as emo, most people do it for me but anyway, Emo isn’t all about hair and cutting yourself. It’s about feelings, love, hardtimes, and fuck this shit i’m going to add MUSIC BITCHES! I do cut myself BECAUSE OF DEPRESSION. But Cutting yourself doesn’t make you emo. It’s more about expressing yourself in clothes, and music. Now, my dear friend Kristyn, (she pisses me off so fucking bad) Is and Scene fucker. SCENES ARE POSERS WANNA BE’S AND DUMB. Stick to being preps. Kristyn slits her wrists and dyes her hair all fucked up colors and everyday she shows everybody, “Hey you guys look at my wrists and my hair!” FUCK THAT SHIT I SWEAR FUCKERS LIKE THAT DON’T KNOW GOSH DAMN SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING.

        • Alright look here people, I would not consider myself to be ’emo’, however, most people do it for me anyways. Being ’emo’ is not all about how your hair looks or about cutting yourself, it’s about feelings. Feelings such as love, depression, how you feel when going through rough times, but being ’emo’ is also about the music. Due to the fact that I am depressed, I cut myself. Nonetheless, cutting yourself does not make you ’emo’. Being ’emo’ is actually more about expressing yourself through your clothing and music. My good friend Kristyn (she really irks me) is considered ‘scene’. I believe that scene people are poser wannabes and lack intelligence. Kristyn does cut herself and dyes her hair a multitude of colors, but everyday she goes around and shows everyone as if she is trying to call attention to herself. It’s as if she is saying “Hey you guys, look at my wrists and my hair!”. Nuts to that, people like that don’t actually know anything about being ’emo’ or ‘scene’, at least that’s how I see it.

          Okay looky here peoples, I wouldn’t classify myself as emo, most people do it for me but anyway, Emo isn’t all about hair and cutting yourself. It’s about feelings, love, hardtimes, and fuck this shit i’m going to add MUSIC BITCHES! I do cut myself BECAUSE OF DEPRESSION. But Cutting yourself doesn’t make you emo. It’s more about expressing yourself in clothes, and music. Now, my dear friend Kristyn, (she pisses me off so fucking bad) Is and Scene fucker. SCENES ARE POSERS WANNA BE’S AND DUMB. Stick to being preps. Kristyn slits her wrists and dyes her hair all fucked up colors and everyday she shows everybody, “Hey you guys look at my wrists and my hair!” FUCK THAT SHIT I SWEAR FUCKERS LIKE THAT DON’T KNOW GOSH DAMN SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING.

          I corrected you in the hopes that you will heed my writings and use that as an example to stop sounding uneducated (like an idiot) on the internet. You’re welcome, have a nice day.


    • Just because you’ve cut, or you still do, Doesn’t mean you are emo, or you aren’t.
      Actually, just let me correct that thought;
      Every human is “emo” because, emo is short for emotional (obviously), Everyone has emotions and everyone has broken down at some point.
      Some people just don’t think outside of the box, and I am not trying to insult anyone who is reading this: I am just merely stating facts.

      • You’re a fuckin idiot! emo is the half-assed version of emotional! emo and emotional are not the same thing! The word “emotional” existed way before “emo” ever did! Emotion is something that everybody feels but that doesn’t make them “emo”! emo is a fad, trend, fashion, and/or lifestyle, and a terrible one at that! Fuck emo kids and scene kids! They all look the same to me, I don’t care how you dress it up! They’re all a bunch of faggots who whine about they’re lives over petty bullshit and wanna commit suicide even though they were raised in rich neighborhoods! They’re a bunch of pussies! emo and scene kids are a plague that infest the world today! As far as gender goes, the females being emo are ok, but the guys look like faggots! Grow some balls, will you?? You wouldn’t last 2 seconds in a rough neighborhood without getting your ass beat! emo and scene kids are a disgrace to humanity!

        • Hey, what you say isn’t totally true ok. Most emos don’t know how to.deal with stress or.depression or both. I used to consider myself emo in middle and first two years of high school. But now I noticed there’s other things out there that is me. Im like a mixture of scene and emo, and not all emo guys look gay. I knew a few that weren’t looking gay but they were emo. And btw I was raised in the hood. Look how I turned out. Im soon to finish high school. No longer cut myself. I’m still sometimes depressed but Iam learning how to deal with it. And crazy stuff has happened but don’t judge people.before you freaking get to.know them. Actually freaking talk to.an emo or scene person

    • i love green, black is cute.i cut myself but not alll da time only wen i get really sad i listen to soft music. i go from sad n happy then sad n lonely.does that make me emo?i really dont know wat i am

    • People who are naturally emotional. depressed, and sensitive don’t have to CUT themselves just to be “emo”.

    • Excuse me? I’m emo but I don’t cut. I don’t find it right to slit my wrists over shit. I listen to music, rant on wattpad, and stuff like that. Not all Emos cut, there’s other ways of coping with pain. I hate the stereotype so f***ing much. GOD.

  9. i disagree ther is such a thing as a scene emo so they are like both but they do nt crave for attention so dnt say thers a difference bcoz thats telln ppl that emo and scene ppl are narrow minded and self harmers wen ther nt some ppl self harm bcoz ppl that do that reali do have problems in ther lives its not just bcoz ther emo so dnt say that bcoz that leads ppl to believe all emos do it and we dnt and emos are nt depressed ppl ive known mani emos and none of them are depressed ther wer always laughn and smilin like any normall ppl so dnt be setting standards for certain ppl bcoz every1 is different and ther entitled to be emo or scene if they want as long as it makes them happy no1 else shud realli matter

  10. Im emo i love listening to hardcore im not always depressed!!!!wen im wit my friends im fucking happy!!!@!!!!

  11. I looked this up because one of my friends recently told me they are emo, but I never would have known if he didnt tell me, he seems more scene then emo. Im so confused. 🙁

    • It’s because that’s just a stupid stereotype.. they can act like w.e they want.. And the emo description is so wrong. I’m Emo and I don’t cut myself, I’m like always happy, crazy, random, and don’t take crap from anyone 🙂
      So in fact all the description is wrong. Emo ppl don’t get depressed easily, don’t cut, aren’t shy, they r happy just like everybody else. And yes there’s emo kids that cut blah blah blah but that doesn’t mean all do, that’s just a lame stereotype.

      • Exactly!
        I don’t really understand where the hell that “emo” b.s came from, but it all lies within personality.. But again, labels piss me off xD

  12. This article makes emo sound like a bad thing. Clearly favoring “Scene”. I think the word for Scene is poser.

  13. Hi..i am confused i love screamo music i dont cut myy self i have short hair at the front and long and poofy at the back i love dark colours i am sorta shy and i love long relationships and i hav been like this for like two years now ppl call me that emo bitch retard we but then sum say i am a scence freak i only have like two friends …. Soooo wat duz diz make me ???????

  14. What you classify your self as is basicly you, your yourself no one else, bcuz I can be emo and scene somtimes, like I’m depressed n wat not. Then I’m the one who wants the attention n does random things but still the shy kid in the back. Ima weardo but all I can say is I’m myself not “stero types” that call me emo cuz I cut myself or scence cuz I like rainbow colors.

  15. While this is mostly correct, emo’s tend to be unique. This seems to be more a sterotype when they say that emos are emotional, they can be like scene’s many times. Emo is about being crazy and having a random fun time and particularly like to dress in random standing-out colors and fashion. The word “scene” to me is a poser, and someone who just wants to look emo but isn’t one. Plz ppl if your just trying to look like a emo, go by poser or scene k? I’m tired of people thinking anyone who looks emo is emo. Emo isn’t a fashion, it is a state of being !!!!! Srry for the rant ppl but sometimes ppl need to know things!

  16. the tech term for a mix is “scemo” there are people that are inbetween, and not all emos self harm. Dont judge the person, or the style for that matter, until you understand their back ground and why the person is that way, if u friend some scemo out there and ask their story, it may surprise you the answers you get. There are no “fake” people out there, yes there are posers. And yes, there are posers in ALL classifications. Dont hate on the emo/scene or “scemos” out there, cos something probably happened to them to make them that way. All labels should be frowned upon, cos noone is a can of soup, and they dont deserve to be treated like one. BUt they are a part of life and people are gonna judge it nomatter where u go. Scene/ emo “scemo’s” they rock, dont hate.

    Summary DONT JUDGE ITT!

  17. Okay, here’s my opinion. Emo people that do cut themselves, I feel bad for your bodies. They don’t deserve to be butchered. And Emo people that don’t, Well good for you, maybe you’ve grasped the concept that you only have ONE body, no replacements. And for Scene, stop calling them all posers. Maybe they like the style of Emo, so they go for it, but aren’t like an Emo person. That’s why they have a Different name!

  18. There are some crosses between Emo and scene, my friends and I classify our selves as emo, and are emo. But try to hide our depression by acting lively and being loud.

  19. OK im scene but im not girly!

    Im bright,colorful,happy and i dont take crap 4 any1..


    im offended D:<

  20. Can you be both Emo and Scene?

  21. well i know that all emo’s don’t cut but some do others don’t some are depressed others are not

  22. ok so… I LOVE music and colors and hello kitty crap (i say crap in a good way :)) but i also love black and skinny jeans and band shirts! I’m loud and random with my friends but around anyone else im really shy and im emotional. i get sad really easily and offended easily but i wont take shit from anyone.. especially iff itss about my friends… i spend most of my time listenin 2 music but i wanna know wat that makes me if theres a deff diff… and i <3 hot topic. i straighten my hair all the time buttttt its not teased and my parents wont let me dye it 🙁 someeone please tell me what i am cuz i hate being confused and if bein scene is bein a poser id wanna be a poser!!! HELP!

    • Be yourself. Don’t let other people call you a “poser” because you’re just being you.

    • Just do what you want to do, if you like a style, change it up a bit, make it your own.. Dont let other people label you. Dont label yourself with anything else but “me”.(:

  23. Okayy well people tell me that im emo more than scene but i am scene.
    i dont like briqht colorss unless im qoinqq to ravess.
    i LOVE white && brown!
    i like to party.
    i dont take crap from no one!
    i love beinqq aroundd myy friendss.
    i am hardly ever isolateddd!
    i DONT cut myselff!
    i am VERY random! haah(:
    i am alwayss cheerful!
    I am SUPER GIRLY!(:
    i love picturesss
    i have 4 piercinqsss.
    && i have short hair in the back withh exensionss!
    so withh thiss info can anyyone tell me what i ammm?

  24. pretty good cept im scene and i completely disagree with saying that we dont keep relationships for very long. i LOVE my friends and they love me :3 i wouldnt give em up for anything!!! also, i wear band tees and (bright colored) skinnies all the time x3

  25. Hi. my name is lyndzey. yes the same girl from the top of the comments :). i visited this site almost a year ago, and its been one hella year but to be honest with everyone, i still wear skinny jeans sometimes and yes i still love my band tees, but over the past year ive learned that u can do absolutley anything u want with ur life and shouldnt worry about what joe blow here wants to label u as. ur u and shouldnt worry what ANYONE else thinks. i absolutly adore myself! and its not cuz i have an amazing boyfriend that reminds me every 5 minutes of how pretty i am or whatever. its cuz i truley do love this life. its been a long ride and im so ready to find out where this is gunna lead me. did i mention i just landed a band that i manage a recording deal? and to summarize this: look back in history and look at the fashion. do u honestly think that evryone wore the same style their whole life? no. they didnt. this is just a phase and its bound to end sooner or later. enjoy life while u still have it <3

  26. i am like almost 100% scene except for the relationship part, i love 1 and only 1 and my friends r forever:pmy friends often call me random and fun and most of them dnt even know that i listen to screamo, i dnt know wat it is that attracts me to it, but i just love it! i also wish i could scream cuz i just really wanna, so if you hav any usefull tequiniques (lol, cnt spell) then email me at hawkdykes@yahoo.com

  27. Umm… I don’t know if this is so true because my personality would fit your idea of a “scene kid” but physically I’d fit your “emo” genre. Either way scene or emo, we don’t like labels.

  28. On second thought I guess I’d be Mean. An Emo Scene.

  29. I dunno, i guess alot of that makes sense, I don’t reall put my self in any genre… But i fit most of the stuff that comes under emo and scene… I mean i am colourfull, i like doing crazy things, but my emotions kinda controll me and fulxuaite alot and i mean ALOT. Some days i feel great but sometimes just randomly I get really depressed for no reason at all. I have cut my self in the past but it was for shits and giggles (It was one of those you had to be there moments) I don’t really seek attention but i have the tendcy to cause big dramas without intending too. I’m also really shy like i can go for entire days without ever saying one word, I’ll do things normally like hang out with friends and shit but just wont talk.

    So far iv’e decided it’s all bullshit, no matter waht a person is like who they are what they act like, you can’t label them, the only person that can label you is you.

    Emo – Scene… Both are sexy <3

  30. Everything it true but sometimes emo people wear bright red and stuff like that. They wear some bright colors, but they don’t wear a lot of them. Also emo people listen to hardcore music too.

  31. I cut, wear band t-shirts and skinny jeans and I’m depressed a lot but I have a scene hair style (not coloured) and I listen to metal and screamo and I don’t like emo music so what am I ?? Well I think I’m just me I don’t need a label x(:

  32. Im scean and scean kids ware band t shirts to because alot of the scean kids that I kbow do….also not all emos cut a friends of mine is emo and he doesnt cut at all

  33. OK guys..i love black AND neon colors …i often lissten to loud music(Rock&roll,techno..metal..)i have colorfull streaks in my hear,my parents wont let me die it :(…i’m NOT GIRLY!!!!!!!!i wear skinny jeans and band shirts..i wear dresses…always black nail polish..i’m not always depressed..i cut my self,people around call me emoo.. but i dont think i really am.I like the emoo stylee and i have many friends Im crazy sometimes but also shy somehow..i love long relationships …i used to be moree depressed ..but i’m still very emotional and sensitive now I’m really confused!!!=\ can someone tell me AM AN EMOO OR SCENNEE!!??or do u think i’m none of these?:S

  34. I think we emo don’t have random colors on our hair… we use dark colors… we don’t capture picture and pretend like we are anime or something but we pose against the wall with sad faces.

  35. Let’s face it, everyone has their own unique style. No one is truly “Emo” or “Scene” or any of those things. We are all unique in at least one way. Other people classify us in a stereotype because they don’t know who we really are. No one does, except ourselves. That’s why everyone is confused about “what” they are. Because we’re all different.

  36. I am emo but i am not always depressed,when i’m with my friends they seem to get my enjoyment out of me and cheer me up but it depends on the situation i’m in,if i am really depressed i won’t talk to anyone,my family or friends and i tend to isolate myself from others so they don’t see me, and i Do Cut,i have cuts all up the bottom half of my arm and i get bullied at my high school(i’m 14, 15 in 8 months) i have short choppy razor cut dark blonde hair(coz my f******* mum won’t let me dye it, but when i’m allowed it’ll be Black with red in it) i have a thick side fringe and i wear heavy black eyeliner,i wear black everyday)well depends on my mood but i usually always wear band tees and converse coz it’s just who i am…I do wear black nail polish with a bit of red depends on my mood aswell and i have spikes sticking up at the top of my head…short spikes,i recently got my hair cut like that< and ppl tease me and i get really upset over small things…i am very sensitive and i don't take judgement very well,but my bff told me to be who I am and don't care what ppl think of me…cuz after all i am me,and i shouldn't be someone i'm not just cuz stupid ppl don't like me,i'm sick of fitting in and acting up to people's expectations.and i agree with the ppl on here who said just be who u are,don't change urself for no one cuz when someone comes around to meet u they will think ur someone they like but when u show ur true self then ur in 4 a treat whoo Emo power,i'm not afraid to speak my mind…LOL Xx-XxDarkEmoVampxX

  37. *I am no emo, I am not scene, I am not preppy, I am just me*
    Okay, so what, I have short black hair that spikes in the back.
    I love hardcore music & I only wear skinny jeans.
    I love to skate board, I love my converse and my vans.
    Hot Topic is my favorite store, I dye my hair alot, & I still cut ocassionally.
    But if you FUCKING label me again, I bound to go off!
    I don’t like labels nor do I liked sterotypical asswhipes!
    I am nobody’s fool but my own.
    Whoever wrote that article, is wrong within every word that was typed on this page!!!!
    You can’t go around judging people & Labeling them because they look a certain way!
    Thank you, and good night.

  38. I personally think I’m a mix of both too..

    I have bright pink hair, with an orange side fringe. I love to stand out and yes, I’m pretty faking random.. I’ve never cut myself, and dont plan too. However, I hate girly clothes. I’d much rather go out wearing a band-tee, bright skinnies and a batman hoodie. I only wear eye make-up. My hari isn’t big and puffy, I back comb a little but I dont look like a lion and I’m generally a happy person, it takes a lot to get be depressed. A lot of my friends are emos and they say they hate scene girls/boys because they are attention seeking. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stand out though c:<3

  39. Mhmm… Emo actually has different meanings.
    The name “Emo” originated from the music genre Emotive Hardcore.
    Emo could mean you adore Emotive hardcore,
    Emo could mean you are in touch with your feelings lots better than others,
    Emo could mean you like the clothing style,
    Emo could mean you love writing poems.

    Suicide and self-harming or being depressive doesn’t have anything to do
    with Emo. If you actually think all Emo’s are like that, that’d be stereotyping, which would turn off quite a lot of people.

    Men thinks I cut myself and that I’m depressive and listen to this yelling music stuff.
    While I actually listen to Emotive-Hardcore, that isn’t yelling at all! I love writing, and I like the clothing dtyle, also how I know my feelings, and how I can control them.

    So, Emo has a lot of meanings, each definition would be unique.
    But don’t give Emo people the label “Self-Harmer” or “Depressive.”

  40. Interesting, but from not just the article, here’s my take out it. Many seem to say they’re ‘both’, as they’re sometimes happy, sometimes depressed, like both kinds of music, a mixture of the styles, sometimes random, sometimes not-all of that just sounds like, well, someone being a teenager. I’m a little unclear also on how can something be all about ‘expressing one’s individuality’ and ‘being yourself’, yet there seem to be all of these rules & regulations with each. Something else I’ve noticed is that the vast majority of the time, regardless of one being ’emo’ or ‘scene’ or a mixture of the two, it seems like one must NEVER admit to or call themselves one or the other. The general answer they’ll give is that they’re ‘not into labeling themselves or labels in general’. And if someone does anything w/Youtube or or whatever, they’ll call themselves ‘scene’, ’emo’, whatever, then say that they only are doing that for the sake of the viewers being able to find it in the search engine, because that’s the word they used, not them. Because they’re not into labels, of course. And they seem to be very quick to accuse others as not being ‘real’ or being ‘posers’. This is nothing new at all, & I’m an adult, so by saying this, I’m sure many have just rolled their eyes, figuring that I ‘don’t get it’. But actually, the kids of today are much like the kids when I was that age, & I really don’t even see any difference between scene kids & what we called back in the late 90s ‘Candy Ravers’. They’ve swapped the JNCOs for skinny jeans, changed the silhouette of the hair into this layery do, but aside from that it’s the same. Down to the candy ravers not admitting to being candy ravers, then seeing a rival & saying they weren’t ‘real’ whatevers. So in conclusion-teens are teens, regardless of the label, regardless of the generation.

  41. Ooooook people. Here’s the thing. I’m a mix of both. I’m highly random, highly sarcastic and bubbly and fun. But on the other hand I can also be darker and depressed. But it takes work to actually get depressed! I don’t go cut myself over some fucker who makes fun of how I look or shit. It’s generally a lot deeper than that. And when I do cut, I don’t go flaunt it like some attention whore!! Cutting is yes, an addiction, and its nothing to be proud of really. It’s not something that should be flaunted in people’s faces to get attention. -.- people like that give emos a bad reputation. 2.) I. love. music. Especially screamo. But…..I also am in love with BOTDF. Which…i guess is dance…or techno…or dj….or whatever the fuck you wanna call it!! ^^ So….there. My hair is blue……and I wear a black n white zebra bow. But I’m still more emo than anything. So….basically….stop labeling people. Let them be whoever the fuck they want! Life would be so much more simple if we didn’t have these labels. If someone is Scene….great!! Hug them!! lol i don’t know!! If someone is emo….great!!! Slap em a high five!! Not all emos are depressed and cut. >.0 My boyfriend is emo and he isn’t all doom n gloom nor does he cut. But whatever. So….just stop stereotyping. >.0 It’s annoying. Just let people be people. ^^ bai!! <3

  42. Wow. It seem as if a lot of people well just get passed at us both emo and scene. Lol. Yet I suppose I’d be in the scene category. It does suck a bit when I’m mistaken for a girl. But spot on with the happy and energetic attitudes. I’m 27 now but I still look like a teen thanks to vegan and or raw diet plans. But emos do need to cheer up though. Plus I like heavy metal aka hardcore. Everyone has to admit though emo and scene girls are so of hot and sexy.

  43. Labels, Labels, Labels… It’s nice to have a name like scene, or emo it your trying to look up a certain hairstyle, or outfit, but does it have to define people?

  44. Well ok personally im emo, and dont know too much about sence, but some of the stuff they said about emos is stereotyping, like there depressed(not all emos are depressed) listen to soft music (more like usually scremo, emocore, and stuff like that) And i agree with Nikki who said…

    “Labels, Labels, Labels… It’s nice to have a name like scene, or emo it your trying to look up a certain hairstyle, or outfit, but does it have to define people?”

    All of what I said (and what Nikki said) is pretty much true

  45. Is it normal to suddenly become emo even though nothing major really pushed me over the edge? Just a few little things that kinda pushed me into being emo..

  46. Guys, guys lets all relax for a sec.. I don’t think it matters if you’re emo, secene, goth, punk, gay, otaku, or an ashle. Lets just admit that he all love creapy spooky stuff and lets all get along, what do ya say?


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