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Difference Between Foundation and Concealer

concealer_amFoundation vs Concealer

Foundation and concealer are cosmetics that are both applied to the skin. Foundation is mostly applied to the facial area to create a uniform color, and also sometimes to change the natural skin tone. Concealer is a different kind of make-up that is used to hide pimples, black marks or dark circles, and small visible blemishes on the skin.

While both of these types of cosmetics are used to color and tone the skin, the main differences between them is that concealers are more heavily pigmented, and foundation is generally applied to a larger area.

The manner in which foundation is applied varies according to the colors used, how much of the skin needs to be covered, and the formulation of the foundation. There are many options when purchasing foundation, such as sheer, light, medium or full coverage. It can also be mixed with other foundations to create the appropriate color. Concealers are available in multi-formulated packages, and in a large variety of shades, from the lightest possible shades to darker and deeper shades. Since concealers are already available in many formulations, you will only need to choose the most suitable color for your purposes.

Foundations are available in different formulations as well, and these may include an oil and emollient-based mix, oil-based shakers, alcohol-based formulations, silicone-based variants, powder-based or even water-based mixtures. The different types of foundation include powder, cream to powder, liquid and cake. Concealers use a scale system to indicate their coverage levels. Its heavy pigmentation is what enables it to easily cover blemishes, marks, moles and other scars. Concealers range from moisturizers to acne-fighting powders and creams. They are also available in a variety of shades and colors, and can be white as well. Colored concealers are usually applied sparingly under another concealer, or a foundation, so that the skin tone looks even and natural.


1.Foundation is used to enhance the color of the skin and provide a uniform look, whereas, concealer is used to hide pimples, blemishes and scars.

2.Concealer has a much heavier pigmentation when compared to foundation.

3.A person could mix different foundation colors and formulations to create the desired effect, whereas, concealers are generally available in all the possible combinations.

4.Foundation is applied to larger areas, like the face and neck, whereas concealer is only applied to smaller, problematic areas.

5.Concealers can be used together with other concealers or foundations, but foundation is generally used independently.

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